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The Atomos Shogun has become a top choice for off-camera monitoring and recording. Its lightweight and feature-rich design make it ideal for acquisition from HD up to 4K. In this blog, I take a look at some of the newer features made available through recent firmware updates, including working with LUTs, audio recording, recording HD & 4K simultaneously, and how to record a clean video signal from the Shogun.

…continue reading At the Bench: Atomos Shogun Features & Configurations

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The ALEXA Mini has generated lots of excitement partly due to the form factor, which lends itself to many types of cinematography. The other day I had the opportunity to meet up with Snehal Patel at Arri in Burbank, California. Together we went over a variety of builds for the ALEXA Mini. In this video we present options for building the Mini for gimbals, handheld and shoulder-mounted shooting, as well as a full studio configuration. Arri has also produced a line of accessories for the Mini. We’ll give you a detailed look at each of these components so you can get the most out of the camera.

Note: The Transvideo StarliteHD5-ARRI 5” OLED Monitor has touch functionality and an integrated H.264 recorder. It will support camera control via a power/communication cable that connects to the EXT connector on the ALEXA Mini. The included SDI cable is required to view the image and touch interface.

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Recently, we have seen a lot of great work using the RED and the Gates housing, particularly with the Canon EF mount installed on the EPIC and EPIC DRAGON. This is a powerful combination that takes advantage of the easy-to-use design of the Gates housing and the flexibility of REDRAW files. We have received a lot questions on how to use the RED EPIC menus when the camera is inside the Gates housing.

In this blog, I will show you how to set up your menus to change iris settings, check exposure, record start/stop, and play back footage. The last item is particularly handy if you are shooting multiple takes and production wants to see playback after every take. In this video I show one way to set up the commands, but this combination of gear is so flexible that you can easily customize it to suit your needs.

Want to learn more about working with Gates housings? Our next Underwater Cinema Gear Workshop is coming up soon!

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As you might know, we offer a variety of workshops on DIT & Engineering topics, and we are often asked about what you might find on a DIT cart. Speaking with many DITs and building on my own experience, I put together a souped-up cart for demonstration purposes and created this video series on the Anatomy of the DIT Cart. On the cart you’ll find a variety of hardware used on set today, including scopes, routers, monitors, and storage. Watch the video above to learn more about the series, and check out the individual sections below.

…continue reading The Anatomy of a DIT Cart

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Recently I had the opportunity to test the brand new IBE Optics PLx1.4, which just started shipping this month, out in the field. I chose to test it alongside the PLx2 in a pure run-n-gun situation in various spots around Chicago.

Unlike other extenders that only physically fit on specific PL lenses, both the PLx1.4 and PLx2 accommodate the widest range of PL lenses of any other extender on the market today. Yet I also wanted to test them on large sensor cameras in order to judge the optical quality on a high-resolution image.

…continue reading In the Field: Testing the PLx1.4 and PLx2 Optical Adapters

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Topics Audio, NAB 2015

You may have seen my earlier blog on how to put AES audio into your camera using Sound Devices gear. I stopped by the Sound Devices booth at NAB to learn about their new 688 Field Mixer and its SL-6 Super Slot powering and wireless system. This combination makes for a powerful multi-track recording system. It’s perfect for owner/operators who may need to record their own audio, in addition to their camera duties, and it is especially helpful in situations where there are numerous mics and talent to be recorded.

…continue reading NAB 2015: Sound Devices 688 Field Mixer

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I stopped by the Codex booth today to chat with Sarah Priestnall, VP Market Development, about their new VariCam V-RAW Recorder. Designed specifically for the Panasonic VariCam 35, the unit attaches directly to the back of the camera. The V-RAW Recorder captures uncompressed VariCam-RAW (V-RAW) 4K at up to 120 fps using the new 1TB or 2TB Capture Drive 2.0 media. These Codex Capture Drives offer 52 minutes or 1 hour 45 minutes of run time at 24 fps respectively and easily accommodates higher frame rates. The V-RAW Recorder uses the standard Codex workflow, including the Vault Platform and Vault Review, which now run on Mac OS.

…continue reading NAB 2015: Codex Updates

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