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Sony has released software update v1.1 for the PVM-A & LMD-A series of monitors. These OLED monitors offer excellent picture quality, and the A-series adds enhanced performance with a slimmer design and lower weight than previous models. The v1.1 update makes these great monitors even better, with helpful new features such as:

  • Camera metadata display
  • Side-by-side view, Wipe, Auto SDI switch, Blending Difference
  • Grid markers, Center markers (2), 2:39 aspect ratio
  • Anamorphic display
  • Flip horizontal & vertical display
  • DC low power indicator
  • 2048 display as Normal, Native & Underscan
  • Active Format Description support
  • Bottom position added on screen tally
  • Operating time added to Status Menu
  • Line Doubler (PVM-A250 / A170 only )

…continue reading At the Bench: Sony v1.1 Software for PVM-A & LMD-A Series Monitors

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With today’s modern camera sensors being so sensitive to light, we often have to use ND filters. Traditional ND filters are designed to neutrally reduce all light, but will not adequately cut the infrared or far red light that causes problems in many cameras. Infrared pollution can make dark fabrics look red or magenta, which is not exactly a good look on a bright day. This is where (IR)ND, designed to cut light and also eliminate the infrared problem, comes in. There are many of these filters out today which do the job well; back in 2012, we even held an event where we demonstrated all of these filters.

Now, Formatt-Hitech has a new IRND filter line called Firecrest. These IRNDs are special because the eliminate IR but keep the image neutral otherwise. Most IRNDs will alter the color of your image, but the Firecrest filters reduce light linearly in the visible light spectrum, before completely eliminating the infrared energy. In other words, they reduce IR but keep everything else basically the same.

…continue reading At the Bench: Formatt-Hitech Firecrest IRND Filters

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With their impressive line of MōVI accessories, Freefly Systems continues to innovate and add new dimensions to their MōVI system. In the video above, I get a closer look at several of these new accessories, including the new MōVI M10 Tool-less Pan Knuckle, which makes the pan balance process easier and faster by allowing M10 operators to balance their unit with simple toggle clamps. I also go hands-on with the Toad in the Hole Quick Release and Ninja Star Adapter Plate; both add versatility to the system since users can quickly unmount the MōVI from its top bar and connect it to a jib arm, Steadicam arm, or other types of mounting equipment. Adding even more options to the arsenal is the MōVI Ring, also designed to work with the Toad in the Hole. 

If you’re interested in learning even more about the MōVI System, make sure to check out our official MōVI Intensive Workshops


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Topics Canon, Featured

Canon has definitely made a commitment to bringing new features to their EOS line of cameras with various firmware updates. For users of the C100 and C300, one of the most useful of these is the addition of a Wide DR Gamma. As its name suggests, the Wide DR gamma setting allows users to capture a wider dynamic range than traditional Rec709-based gammas. Technically, it falls between Rec709 and Log, so while Log recordings require a post grade, Wide DR gives you the option to record more dynamic range from the sensor without needing to post grade your footage. 

…continue reading Using Wide DR Gamma with the Canon C100 and C300

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Earlier this year, Freefly Systems showed off a prototype of their MōVI Controller, a custom-built wireless remote that incorporates pan & tilt control, as well as lens control. Previously, if you wanted to use your MōVI in remote (or dual operator) mode, you would be using a controller designed originally for the RC aircraft world. While that solution offered you good camera control, Freefly sought to design a better system that included all of the features an operator would need access to, while also improving the camera control surface.

Made of carbon fiber, the new MōVI Controller includes a large pan & tilt knob, camera trigger, customization and user switches, along with FIZ (focus, iris, zoom) support. It also utilizes two-way communication with your MōVI, so you get live status information, as well as the ability to tune and configure your unit. 

In my video above, I walk through some of these unique features and discuss them in more detail. The MōVI Controller is now shipping, but it’s important to note that before you can use it you must first update to the latest MōVI firmware. If you’re interested in using the Controller or learning more about the MōVI system, don’t forget about the official MōVI Intensive Workshops!

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Topics Arri, Featured

Arri’s new AMIRA is designed specifically with documentary, run’n'gun type shooters in mind and this past May, the camera was put to the test by award-winning DP Buddy Squires, ASC. Buddy is best known for his work on theatrical documentaries and television specials including Salinger, The Central Park Five, Masterclass, The Civil War, The National Parks, The War, Jazz, Ethel, and New York. With this kind of experience, it seemed appropriate that Buddy should be one of the first DPs to put the camera through its paces. At this year’s Cine Gear Expo, and at our special AMIRA event back in May, Buddy elaborated on his experiences shooting with the new camera.  

…continue reading Buddy Squires’ First Impressions of the Arri AMIRA

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At Cine Gear 2014, Switronix showed the updated version of their popular Jetpack breakout box – the Jetpack X. The Jetpack X builds on the features of the original Jetpack, but adds a built-in battery backup capable of withstanding a 200w load for up to five minutes, even when batteries are not connected. It is also incredibly versatile, featuring three LEMO outputs (5V, 7V, 12V), a USB power connection, and two unregulated powertaps, along with a 2-pin Amp connector (located behind the included cheese plate) that can connect directly to ENG cameras. Watch my video above as Jose Flores from Switronix walks me through the features of the new Jetpack X. 

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