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Wooden Camera has always been known for innovative accessory ideas. In this video, Ryan from Wooden Camera shows off their new Director’s Monitor Cage, which is a height-adjustable, lightweight system that can accommodate a wide range of monitors, including popular ones from TVLogic, Convergent Design, and SmallHD. The Director’s Monitor Cage also has mounting options for a Gold Mount or V-Mount battery plate, as well as mounting for wireless video. It can be worn on a lanyard and quick-released on and off of a C-stand. 

Ryan also showed off their Recorder Slide, which accommodates external recorders such as the Atomos Shogun, Convergent Design Odyssey7/7Q, Codex, Blackmagic HyperDeck, and Ki Pro Quad. The Recorder Slide articulates in two places, allowing the operator to configure it in many different positions, and has mounting for a Gold Mount or V-Mount battery plate as well. Watch my video above to learn more about these versatile new accessories.


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Zeiss announced last week that they would be showing off a prototype of their servo unit for compact zooms at IBC this year and during the show I was able to stop by their booth and take a look. Helmut Lenhof, Product Manager at Zeiss, was nice enough to take a few moments and give me more information about the unit. 

As mentioned previously, the servo is designed specifically for Zeiss’ line of Compact Zoom lenses; an installation plate can be attached to each lens, allowing the user to easily move the servo between lenses as needed. Watch the video above as Helmut explains some of the specifics behind how the finished servo will work. 

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Sony has announced several updates for the PMW-F5 and PMW-F55, including firmware version 5.0, due out in December. Version 5.0 adds several features, but also preps the camera for several big hardware updates.

…continue reading IBC 2014: Sony F5 & F55 Updates

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There’s definitely been a lot of buzz around Panasonic’s new VariCams (the 4K VariCam 35 and the high-speed VariCam HS) since last year’s NAB show, so I made sure to stop by Panasonic’s IBC booth this year. If you recall, Panasonic previously introduced two models: the VariCam 35 (Super-35mm 4K MOS sensor) and the VariCam HS (high speed 2/3″ camera head featuring three 1920×1080 MOS sensors). 

One of the VariCam 35′s new features I got to see up close was the ability to live grade the camera over ethernet or WiFi using Pomfort’s Livegrade software. Users will also have the option to save their data as a CDL file that is attached to the clip – especially handy for those who prefer to shoot in Log.

…continue reading IBC 2014: Panasonic VariCam 35 Updates

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Sony has just announced the newest member to the XDCAM family, the PXW-FS7, and we were able to stop by Sony’s IBC booth to get a closer look. Expected to ship this October, the FS7 is an E-mount Super 35 camera that records to XQD cards. It has been designed with ergonomics in mind, featuring a small profile and form factor that lends itself to vérité-style shooting.

The rounded back end means the camera can sit against your chest or on top of your shoulder, and the adjustable viewfinder is positioned in an ideal location for shoulder use. A smart grip comes mounted on an extension arm for various shooting positions and includes a zoom rocker, iris dial, navigation joystick, start/stop, and several assignable buttons. The handgrip uses a standard Arri rosette, and can be rotated via a quick release knob, or folded for transport.

…continue reading IBC 2014: Sony Introduces the New PXW-FS7 Camera

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Sony has released software update v1.1 for the PVM-A & LMD-A series of monitors. These OLED monitors offer excellent picture quality, and the A-series adds enhanced performance with a slimmer design and lower weight than previous models. The v1.1 update makes these great monitors even better, with helpful new features such as:

  • Camera metadata display
  • Side-by-side view, Wipe, Auto SDI switch, Blending Difference
  • Grid markers, Center markers (2), 2:39 aspect ratio
  • Anamorphic display
  • Flip horizontal & vertical display
  • DC low power indicator
  • 2048 display as Normal, Native & Underscan
  • Active Format Description support
  • Bottom position added on screen tally
  • Operating time added to Status Menu
  • Line Doubler (PVM-A250 / A170 only )

…continue reading At the Bench: Sony v1.1 Software for PVM-A & LMD-A Series Monitors

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With today’s modern camera sensors being so sensitive to light, we often have to use ND filters. Traditional ND filters are designed to neutrally reduce all light, but will not adequately cut the infrared or far red light that causes problems in many cameras. Infrared pollution can make dark fabrics look red or magenta, which is not exactly a good look on a bright day. This is where (IR)ND, designed to cut light and also eliminate the infrared problem, comes in. There are many of these filters out today which do the job well; back in 2012, we even held an event where we demonstrated all of these filters.

Now, Formatt-Hitech has a new IRND filter line called Firecrest. These IRNDs are special because the eliminate IR but keep the image neutral otherwise. Most IRNDs will alter the color of your image, but the Firecrest filters reduce light linearly in the visible light spectrum, before completely eliminating the infrared energy. In other words, they reduce IR but keep everything else basically the same.

…continue reading At the Bench: Formatt-Hitech Firecrest IRND Filters

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