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Recently, AbelCine organized a focus group with select cinematographers and specialists from Canon to review the new Dual Pixel Auto Focus (DAF) upgrade for the C300 camera. The consensus was that for $500, this is a feature worth many times its cost, as it expands the universe of the types of shots that can be achieved. 

Before demonstrating how DAF can help you hold focus on difficult and previously impossible shots, let’s review the core technology and how Canon has uniquely improved on the science of moving image capture.   

…continue reading The Core Technology Behind Canon’s Dual Pixel AF

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Sony has released software update v1.1 for the PVM-A & LMD-A series of monitors. These OLED monitors offer excellent picture quality, and the A-series adds enhanced performance with a slimmer design and lower weight than previous models. The v1.1 update makes these great monitors even better, with helpful new features such as:

  • Camera metadata display
  • Side-by-side view, Wipe, Auto SDI switch, Blending Difference
  • Grid markers, Center markers (2), 2:39 aspect ratio
  • Anamorphic display
  • Flip horizontal & vertical display
  • DC low power indicator
  • 2048 display as Normal, Native & Underscan
  • Active Format Description support
  • Bottom position added on screen tally
  • Operating time added to Status Menu
  • Line Doubler (PVM-A250 / A170 only )

…continue reading At the Bench: Sony v1.1 Software for PVM-A & LMD-A Series Monitors

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Topics Arri

The ALEXA XT has the same size sensor as previous models, but with its increased processing power, it can now record the full sensor area all at once. The ALEXA Plus 4:3, Studio, and M can all record in 4:3 or 16:9 modes; the XT models can do all that, as well as featuring a new Open Gate mode, thus giving the highest possible resolution output from the sensor. This is a great option to have and gives you a lot of flexibility for image repositioning, resizing, rotating, or stabilizing a shot. Plus, its native 3.4K resolution makes for an easy upscale to 4K output.

…continue reading ARRI ALEXA XT Open Gate & Resolve Support

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The IB/E Universal Mount System (UMS) for Canon Cinema Zooms makes it easy for users to quickly switch between various lens mounts in the field. Of the various mount options, the first available mount was for Canon EF, but with the recent crop of new cameras, you now have the ability to use any of the popular Canon Cinema Zooms (14.5-6030-30015.5-47, and 30-105) on cameras such as the Sony a7S, Panasonic GH4, or Blackmagic Studio Camera.

…continue reading Using the UMS for Canon Cinema Zooms on Multiple Cameras

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Topics Arri

Today Arri announced that they will offer a new software upgrade for the AMIRA, which will allow it to record ProRes Ultra HD files (at a resolution of 3840×2160). The upgrade is expected to be available for purchase at the online Arri License Shop by the end of 2014. Many people have been waiting for a 4K solution from Arri, and now the AMIRA will offer support for those who need to deliver in higher-resolution formats. The AMIRA can already record in HD and 2K formats, but with this new upgrade it will up-sample the sensor into an Ultra HD format.

…continue reading Arri Adds ProRes Ultra HD Recording to the AMIRA

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Recently, Gates Underwater made an exciting announcement and revealed their new ALEXA underwater housing. As with their other housings, this unit features simple fingertip controls, an adjustable trim weight system, Gates Precision Ports, and adjustable handle grips. Additionally, the housing includes support for over 70 PL-mount lenses (with Gates’ unique Lens Gear Drive system), as well as the new TVL55 monitor housing

The Gates ALEXA housing comes in two versions: the ALEXA XT housing is compatible with both the ALEXA XT and ALEXA EV (classic) cameras, and the ALEXA XT Plus housing for ALEXA XT Plus cameras. Each version is designed specifically for the different camera models with easy-to-use control layouts. 

…continue reading Gates Underwater Announces New ALEXA Housing

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Topics Arri

Arri has recently started the second Open Beta phase for Software Update Packet 10.0, and they’ve announced some exciting features for this release. The big news for rental houses and owners of Sony’s F5 or F55 is compatibility with Sony’s SxS Pro+ cards, which are available in 64GB and 128GB capacities. This gives you up to 86 minutes of ProRes 422 HQ footage at 24fps on the 128GB cards. Speaking of ProRes, the previously announced support for ProRes 4444 XQ is also included with this release.

Other great features are the addition of a clean Log-C signal on REC OUT while shooting in modes other than 16:9/HD/regular-speed, and faster switching to high-speed mode. Previously, it took 40 seconds to switch to high-speed, but SUP 10 knocks that down to 20 seconds. The following new functions and improvements are also included in SUP 10.0:

…continue reading Arri ALEXA SUP 10.0 Brings Support for SxS Pro+ Cards

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