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Freefly’s latest handheld gimbal stabilizer, the MoVI Pro, has been rebuilt from the ground up to improve upon almost every aspect of the original family of MoVIs. There is very little on the system that has not been given the deluxe treatment; from the integrated tuning stand by way of the ring with attached feet, to the dual battery system allowing hot-swapability.

In this blog, I’ll walk you through some of these improvements, including the ability to control RED cameras through the MoVI itself and how you can set that up for yourself.

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Today Ian and I spoke to Pierre Davezac, President and Founder of Exhauss, about the new Exhauss Exoskeleton, a gimbal support system designed to help take the weight off the operator and redistribute it over the core section of their body. The Exhauss holds up to 30 lbs and can be calibrated to the load of the gimbal. Watch as we demonstrate how to put on the Exoskeleton system with a MōVI M15 and ALEXA Mini.

[Note: In the video, the price is quoted as $5,500. The correct product price is $5,995 as listed on our website.]

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AbelCine is an official reseller of the Freefly MōVI Camera System, and we offer the only Freefly certified workshop on the MōVI system.

…continue reading Freefly MoVI Stabilization Gimbals Overview

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