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In this video, Jem Schofield of theC47 takes you through some of the most significant new features of the 3.0 firmware update for ARRI’s SkyPanel series of lighting fixtures (including the S30-C, S60-C, and S120-C). He walks you through how to install the update and shows you many of the new Source Matching and Lighting Effects that come with the update along with a couple of tips & tricks. For more information on the firmware and to download it, visit ARRI’s dedicated SkyPanel Effects page.

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Topics Lighting

The Fiilex P360 Pro Plus will look familiar to those accustomed to working with the flagship P360, but has several notable updates. Output has been increased to a 400W equivalent fixture, plus the adjustable color temperature range has been expanded from 2800K to 6500K. Fiilex has also added hue control for additional tunability. Weighing in at 1.8 lbs it is the right light for numerous applications.  The unit ships with an AC power supply and barn door. Additional accessories include a Fresnel lens attachment and a diffusion dome using magnets to hold it in place. A LED panel on the back panel displays light settings. In this blog, I give a walkthrough of the light; I also take the fixture outside and use it as a key light and as a fill instrument. Having the ability to change Kelvin as well as hue, I was able to easily match the light to the other sources. Watch my video above to learn more and see the P360 Pro Plus in action.

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I stopped by the ARRI booth to talk to Mike Wagner about the new features in the version 3.0 firmware for ARRI’s SkyPanel LED light fixtures. Building on the semi-hidden “Party Mode” in earlier firmware versions, a number of fun and creative new lighting effects have been introduced to simulate environmental lighting without console patching or programming. Effects like lightning, fireworks, fire, strobe, candle, television, cop car, and paparazzi are now available with customizable parameters for dialing in a unique look on set. Preset effects can also be triggered on cue. A new high-speed mode is also available to avoid flicker at high frame rates, such as when shooting with Phantom cameras.

Another new feature is called source matching. The SkyPanel now has simulations of consumer and industrial lighting available so, for example, a SkyPanel could be set to match a high-pressure sodium streetlight during a night exterior shoot. Also available are settings to match household incandescent lights, compact fluorescent bulbs, traffic lights, road flares, a stove burner, etc. Altogether there are 46 sources programmed in for matching, including classic film lighting fixtures such as carbon arc.

By plugging an Ethernet cable into the SkyPanel, you can now interact with the fixture through a web browser to install firmware updates as well as manipulate all settings in real time, or on cue during a shot. Download firmware v3.0 from ARRI now, and watch my video to learn more.

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I’m here with Brent Siebenaler from Fiilex to discuss their new P360 family of lights, which includes two new models – the P360 Pro and ProPlus.

The P360 family of lights has been around for a few years now, with what Fiilex is referring to as their legacy models, the P360 and P360EX. The P360 was the original model, featuring a 350W equivalent output, 10-100% dimmer, and color-tunable from 3000-5600K. The P360 was designed as an extremely compact, low-draw, low-heat light with zero compromises in color rendering. The P360EX built upon this platform, making the housing water resistant with an IP-24 rating, as well as allowing for connection to an optional DMX connection box.

Fiilex is debuting the latest in the lineup this year with the P360 Pro and ProPlus. Just about every function of the light has been tweaked or upgraded in some way. Improvements include a new OLED display on the back of the lights, a larger yoke, locking barn doors, an increase to the dimming range to a full 0-100%, increased color range between 2800-6500K, and an integrated internal DMX control, all while increasing brightness output by around 10%. The ProPlus adds a hue control setting for magenta and green offset, as well as an improved CRI rating.

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I spoke with Alan Ipakchian from Vitec Group to see what’s new with Litepanels’ line of industry-standard LED fixtures. Their new Astra models offer increased brightness over the original 1×1 Astra; the Astra 3X and Astra 6X provide, as you might guess, 300% and 600%, respectively, of the 1st generation panels’ output. For example, the Astra 3X Daylight draws only 55 watts while providing output comparable to a 200W HMI. The 3X Bi-color has the same draw and matches a 125W HMI in daylight mode or a 650W traditional fixture in tungsten mode. The new lights maintain the same form factor and will fit all accessories for existing Astras.

The Sola 4+ and Sola 6+ are upgraded versions of Litepanels’ daylight-balanced LED fresnels. Due to advances in LED efficiency and power supply design, the Sola 4+ draws only 10% more power than its predecessor, the Sola 4, but manages to more than double light output. Size, weightand most importantly priceall remain the same as the previous versions.

Be sure to stay tuned until the end of the video to hear about how to preview an exciting new lighting product from Litepanels at the show.

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The Fiilex Matrix is a color-tunable (2800-6500K) panel light that has tremendous output for its size. A punchy source that can be lensed with a unique fresnel solution, it’s both DMX controllable and has WiFi control. In this video Jem Schofield of theC47 takes you through some of the key features and accessories for the light.

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The Select 30 LED System is both a variable color temperature and multi-color light fixture that is housed in the familiar Kino Flo form factor. The wireless LED-150X DMX controller is the command center for the system and is modular in design. In this video Jem Schofield of theC47 takes you through the key features and functionality of the light.


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