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Engineers at Arizona State University have developed lasers that can output white light, covering the full visible spectrum. This technology (while in its infancy) could pave the way for a future of large gamut (P3, Rec. 2020, etc.) monitors, as current display technology is mostly constrained to Rec. 709 due to the limitations of the light source. Additionally, the laser could be useful in future solid-state lighting applications, and a laser-based version of Wi-Fi called Li-Fi, which is estimated to be 10x faster than Wi-Fi.

Read more about the technology here: http://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/semiconductors/devices/the-first-white-laser

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The Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700 color temperature meter provides data to determine a light’s color temperature and compare it to other lighting instruments. In this blog, I present several lighting situations and how using different modes can determine a desired lighting setup. The C-700 is feature rich and can be used for numerous lighting tasks. I will also take a look at lighting under tungsten and LED source setups.

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I stopped by the ARRI booth at Cine Gear to speak with Mike Wagner, Senior Product Manager, about the new SkyPanel, a fully tunable LED soft light that compliments Arri’s L7-C fresnels. The user interface is easy to use with three simple knobs to adjust the intensity, color temperature and saturation. In addition to the on-board controls, these functions can also be adjusted remotely using DMX or LAN network connections. The SkyPanel was designed with versatility in mind – interchangeable diffuser panels are available now and additional accessories are planned for the future, including egg crates, honeycombs and barn doors. The SkyPanel comes in various sizes and will begin shipping late this Fall.

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Topics Lighting

Emmy Award-winning Director of Photography Bill Holshevnikoff is always finding new ways to share his years of experience, enthusiasm, and tools of the craft with cinematographers coming from a range of experience levels. In a recent interview, Pro Video Coalition sat down with Bill to learn more about his real world experiences and passion for his craft. Bill discusses how he got his start (taking still photos!) as well as how he’s seen the industry change over the years:

…continue reading Bill Holshenikoff & The Power of Lighting

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Today I met with Kaur Kallas, Co-Founder of Digital Sputnik, to talk about their new DS LED System, the DS 3. The DS 3 is a modular system, so you can put the modules together or use them separately with one power supply driving up to three modules. The RGBW module has comparable output to 100W HMI or 500W Tungsten, with 16-bit, 4-channel, high precision dimming allowing for an array of possible effective color combinations. There is no limit as to how many modules you can assemble together. The DS 3 will be available starting in June at a price point around $8,000, which includes three lights, power supply, case and accessories

Watch my full video for details on the new DS 3.

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If you stopped by our CCW booth earlier this month, you’ll remember that we featured a Phantom Photo Booth as part of our display. Of course, when shooting high-speed footage, one of the most important considerations is having enough light – and that’s where the new Litepanels Astra comes in. Building on the original 1×1, the Astra is a bi-color panel with dual rows of LEDs that can be tuned to daylight or tungsten. Watch my video above to get a closer look at the features of the Astra, and check out this interview with Litepanels’ Pat Grosswendt to learn even more about the technology behind it.

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During this year’s NAB show, Jon Miller of Hive Lighting stopped by our booth to tell me about the new BEE light, and he recently brought it by the LA office to give us a closer look. The BEE is a flood light that uses Hive’s proven plasma technology. The benefits of plasma lighting include high output, low power consumption and low heat. One the most interesting features of this light is the Daylight Dial, which allows a fully tunable color temperature from 4600K – 7000K, as well as the ability to shift to a deep blue moonlight.

The BEE ships with several power supply options, and one power supply can power multiple BEE units. This makes the fixture great for traveling and run’n’gun type situations. 

Watch my video above to learn even more about the new BEE from Hive Lighting and to see some of the demo footage Jon and I shot using the Phantom Flex4K

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