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posted by - Thursday, 30 April 2015

As you might know, we offer a variety of workshops on DIT & Engineering topics, and we are often asked about what you might find on a DIT cart. Speaking with many DITs and building on my own experience, I put together a souped-up cart for demonstration purposes and created this video series on the Anatomy of the DIT Cart. On the cart you’ll find a variety of hardware used on set today, including scopes, routers, monitors, and storage. Watch the video above to learn more about the series, and check out the individual sections below.

Cart Components

In this section, I talk about the basic cart components, including the cart itself, racks, and power distribution. The cart I’m using is the Inovativ Echo Cart.

Here is the basic layout of the cart:


Video Distribution

In this section, I talk about video distribution on the cart using a matrix SDI router and computer IO. I’m using a Blackmagic Smart Videohub 40×40 on the cart, with a Smart Controller for distribution. Computer input and output is via a Blackmagic Ultra Studio 4K.

Here is a basic wiring diagram of the cart:
Wiring Diagram


In this section, I discuss various scope options that you might find on a DIT cart. Options shown include the Blackmagic SmartScope Duo, Leader LV5381, and Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+.

On-Set Color Management

In this section, I discuss on-set color management hardware and software including Fuji’s IS-Mini, Blackmagic’s HD Link Pro, and Pomfort’s LiveGrade software. I’m controlling the software and hardware with the Tangent Elements-TK panel.

Data Management

In the last section, I discuss tools for data management including card readers, RAIDs, and LTO drives. I show the Sonnet Echo reader, a Pegasus RAID, and the Mlogic MTape LTO drive.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the tools and technology and every DIT needs to know, check out our DIT & Engineering workshops coming up soon in NY, LA and Chicago!

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