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Panasonic has now released official pricing on their highly anticipated VariCam 35 and HS. The all new VariCam system, which Andy got his hands on at NAB 2014, features breakthrough functions like dual native ISO and in-camera color grading, as well as a unique modular design in which the 35 or HS camera head and recording module can be separated and interchanged. With a 4096×2160 Super35 CMOS or a 2/3″ 1080p high-speed sensor that preserves the renowned VariCam look, Panasonic’s new VariCam platform has been building a lot of buzz.

Below are the list prices for the complete VariCam packages, as well as the separate modules and accessories:

VariCam-35 VariCam 35 complete package with AU-V35C1 4K camera module,
AU-VREC1 recording / control module,
AU-VCVF1 color viewfinder,
AU-VSHL1 shoulder mount module
VariCam-HS VariCam HS complete package with AU-V23HS1 2/3 camera module,
AU-VREC1 recording / control module,
AU-VCVF1 color viewfinder,
AU-VSHL1 shoulder mount module
AU-V35C1 VariCam 35 s35mm 4K camera head, PL mount $29,000
AU-V23HS1 VariCam HS 2/3″ 1080p camera head, B4 mount $20,000
AU-VREC1 VariCam common recording module / control unit $17,000
AU-VSHL1 Shoulder mount module $2,000
AU-VCVF1 Color viewfinder $7,000
AU-XPD1P Express P2 drive $495
AU-XP0256AG Express P2 card, 256GB $2,000

Right before IBC this year, Panasonic showed off the first footage from the VariCam 35. Over at DVInfo, DP Art Adams has written an interesting analysis of the new reel. As someone with a extensive background shooting on a variety of cameras, including the original 720p VariCams, Adams takes the time to discuss color science and the basis of the “Panasonic look.” Additionally, he pulls out specific shots from the reel and makes it a point to discuss the notable characteristics of the light and color in each. It’s a long read, but quite thorough, and it’s also a great primer on what actually goes into a particular camera’s “look.” Head over to DVInfo to read the full article, A Critical Look at VariCam’s Latest Demo Reel.

The new VariCams are expected to start shipping this month and will soon be on display in both our NY and LA showrooms.

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