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posted by - Thursday, 21 August 2014

Recently, Gates Underwater made an exciting announcement and revealed their new ALEXA underwater housing. As with their other housings, this unit features simple fingertip controls, an adjustable trim weight system, Gates Precision Ports, and adjustable handle grips. Additionally, the housing includes support for over 70 PL-mount lenses (with Gates’ unique Lens Gear Drive system), as well as the new TVL55 monitor housing

The Gates ALEXA housing comes in two versions: the ALEXA XT housing is compatible with both the ALEXA XT and ALEXA EV (classic) cameras, and the ALEXA XT Plus housing for ALEXA XT Plus cameras. Each version is designed specifically for the different camera models with easy-to-use control layouts. 

Other features of the ALEXA housing include:

- Durable, “bulletproof” machined aluminum, black type III hard anodize finish

- 100% mechanical controls: no complicated mechanisms or electronics to fail

- Quality optics ensure clarity, sharpness, and no vignetting

- Full control access: soft keys, playback, user keys, and direct couples focus, zoom, iris

- Changeable buoyancy and trim allows you to add or remove trim weights for ideal balance

The Gates Underwater ALEXA housing will be shipping in December 2014; for more details, see the full press release on the Gates site. If you’re interested in Gates products for sale or rental, or want to see them up close, don’t forget: AbelCine is now a Gates Underwater Product Proud Partner Dealership!

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