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posted by - Thursday, 31 July 2014

Earlier this year, Freefly Systems showed off a prototype of their MōVI Controller, a custom-built wireless remote that incorporates pan & tilt control, as well as lens control. Previously, if you wanted to use your MōVI in remote (or dual operator) mode, you would be using a controller designed originally for the RC aircraft world. While that solution offered you good camera control, Freefly sought to design a better system that included all of the features an operator would need access to, while also improving the camera control surface.

Made of carbon fiber, the new MōVI Controller includes a large pan & tilt knob, camera trigger, customization and user switches, along with FIZ (focus, iris, zoom) support. It also utilizes two-way communication with your MōVI, so you get live status information, as well as the ability to tune and configure your unit.

In my video above, I walk through some of these unique features and discuss them in more detail. The MōVI Controller is now shipping, but it’s important to note that before you can use it you must first update to the latest MōVI firmware. If you’re interested in using the Controller or learning more about the MōVI system, don’t forget about the official MōVI Intensive Workshops!

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