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Yesterday, Freefly Systems released the latest firmware (v3.08) for the MōVI family, which adds a few significant features and important bug fixes. The feature I’m looking forward to the most is the added support for the optional MōVI Controller, which can be used in lieu of the standard wireless controller, and lets users make tuning adjustments directly from the unit, no computer or tablet required. Additionally, the MōVI Controller includes support for Redrock Micro and Hocus Products follow focus systems, allowing one operator to control both focus and camera orientation (pan & tilt). For anyone that utilizes the dual-operator mode frequently, the upgraded joystick and built-in tuning adjustments will definitely simplify setup and operation.

Additionally, this release also includes the previously teased Autotune feature, which as the name suggests, automatically calibrates stiffness settings on a balanced MōVI. In our testing, the Autotune adjusts the stiffness parameters to a very stable configuration, although advanced users might still want to manually tweak the settings to their shooting style. Autotune is no replacement for knowing how to tune your MōVI, but it certainly takes a lot of the guess work out and might get you shooting quicker.

Also included in the new firmware is a pan / tilt / roll hold strength setting, which allows for faster panning and tilting or additional smoothing. Support for third party radio systems from Futaba and Graupner has also been added, as well as an important bug fix. Freefly is asking all MōVI owners to update to version 3.08 before August 1st to avoid any potential issues. 

We’ll be sure to detail all of the new features and show off the MōVI Controller in a future blog, but for now make sure to download the firmware update directly from Freefly’s site. When updating, please make sure you follow the included instructions and do not skip any steps in the process.

The MōVI Controller will be shipping next week, and if you’re interested in learning even more about the MōVI system, check out our official MoVI Intensive Workshop.

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