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posted by - Wednesday, 04 December 2013

Canon has Look Up Tables (LUTs) on their website for their Cinema EOS line of cameras – the C100, C300 and C500. These LUTs are designed to convert from Canon Log to Rec709 or Cineon. Originally, they were published with only the C300 in mind, but they were later updated to work for the C100 and C500 as well. They are stored in a 10-bit CSV (comma separated value) format and are designed to work with full range (extended) data found in the C500’s Raw mode, which makes them perfect for use in a color grading suite. However, these LUTs are not directly readable by many color grading programs, most of which are expecting some sort of 3D (cube) LUT. Also, sometimes it is necessary to use a ‘legal’ LUT, versus a full range LUT, for delivering content for television or web viewing. 

To make things a little easier for you, we’ve taken the Canon LUTs and modified them for use in various programs. Additionally, we’ve thrown in some versions with our popular AbelCine scene files applied. Plus, we’ve made both legal and full range versions available for each. 

We’ve made three packages of LUTs for your use, each contains several LUTs converted from the Canon originals. You can download all these LUTs for DaVinci Resolve, LUT Buddy and other programs below.

• CxxxLog10toCineon
     Canon Log to Cineon conversion (Canon original)

• CxxxLog10toRec709_Full
 Canon Log to Rec709 full range (Canon original)

• CxxxLog10toRec709_Legal
 Canon Log to Rec709 legal (AbelCine convert)

• CxxxLog10WideDR_Full
Canon Log to Wide Dynaminc Range full range (Canon original)

• CxxxLog010toWideDR_Legal
      Canon Log to Wide Dynamic Range legal (AbelCine convert)

 Also, we have several LUTs that we’ve created using our scene files as a reference:
• JR45_CxxxLog10toRec709_Full
     Canon Log to Rec709 full range with our JR45Cine scene file added
• JR45_CxxxLog10toRec709_Legal    
     Canon Log to Rec709 legal range with JR45Cine scene file added
• JR45_CxxxLog10toWideDR_Full
     Canon Log to WideDR full range with JR45Cine scene file added
• JR45_CxxxLog10toWideDR_Legal
      Canon Log to WideDR legal range with JR45Cine scene file added
• ABNorm_CxxxLog10toRec709_Full
     Canon Log to WideDR Legal Range with JR45Cine scene file added
• ABNorm_CxxxLog10toRec709_Legal
     Canon Log to Rec709 Legal Range with AB Normal scene file added
• ABNorm_CxxxLog10toWideDR_Full
     Canon Log to WideDR Full Range with AB Normal scene file added
• ABNorm_CxxxLog10toWideDR_Legal
     Canon Log to WideDR Legal Range with AB Normal scene file added
In general, I recommend using the Wide DR (wide dynamic range) LUTs over the Rec709 versions – they do a better job at holding highlights and tend to look a bit better, in my opinion.
DaVinci Resolve LUTs 

We’ve made all the LUTs listed above available in DaVinci Resolve format. After downloading, copy the included Canon folder to the following Resolve directory (Mac version): Macintosh HD -> Library ->Application Support -> Blackmagic Design -> DaVinci Resolve -> LUT

Launch Resolve and you can apply these LUTs as normal.

To learn more about the process, you can check out my previous article on Applying LUTs to Log Footage in FCP, Premiere, Avid and Resolve

LUT Buddy

LUT Buddy is a popular free plugin from Red Giant that allows you to apply LUTs in FCP 7 and Adobe Premiere. It doesn’t work with many types of LUTs, so I’ve sorted out the ones that should work well. Download the Canon LUTs for LUT Buddy; after downloading, you can apply the LUT Buddy plugin to a clip and import one of the Canon LUTs. I suggest using the legal LUTs for FCP 7.

Other Programs

There are many different color grading applications out there, as well as other tools that can take advantage of these LUTs, so feel free to download our full array of 3D LUTs.

Once you’ve finished downloading, you’ll find LUTs for the following programs:  

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Baselight
  • Cine-tal
  • Clipster
  • Codex
  • Pandora
  • 3D Cube (generic)
  • Lustre
  • Luther
  • OSD
  • Nucoda
  • Resolve
  • Scratch 

I suggest trying the generic 3D Cube if your grading application is not listed. 

Enjoy these LUTs from AbelCine, and make sure to check out our Digital Technician workshops on 1D & 3D LUTs and On-Set LUT Creation coming up soon!

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