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Many crew members need to see the live camera feed but want to be mobile on set, not tied to the video village monitor. To help facilitate this, AbelCine has married the popular Teradek Bolt to the equally popular TVLogic VFM-056WP LCD monitor. Building on TVLogic’s battery mounts for Canon BP, Panasonic CGA and Sony L series batteries, we’ve modified them to power the Teradek Bolt receiver as well. A washer has also been added so that the mounting bolt included with the Teradek fits properly to the the TVLogic monitor. 

The Teradek Bolt is available in a point-to-point HD-SDI system, an HDMI version, and a Pro version that can send one transmitter signal to up to four receivers. None of these systems will interfere with one another, so multiple transmitter-receiver sets can be used on set at the same time.

Both the Teradek Bolt and the TVLogic 5.6” monitor consume very little power and do so over a wide voltage range, so powering the receiver and monitor from a single camcorder battery will provide several hours of operation. 

Depending on your needs, AbelCine can provide either the entire wireless video kit or the just the battery plate modification. Watch my video above to learn more! 

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