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Photo courtesy of Arri.com

If you watched the Oscar ceremony last night, you’ll know that Life of Pi was one of the big winners, picking up awards for Best Original Score and Visual Effects, as well as wins for director Ang Lee and cinematographer Claudio Miranda. A while ago, Arri published a great interview on their site, in which Miranda talks about what it was like working with Ang Lee, and how he managed shooting with six ALEXAs, that he paired with the Arri / Zeiss Master Primes that he purchased through AbelCine. 

About creating the look of the movie, he says, “Life of Pi is naturalistic and appropriate for the time that we were trying to shoot. The look has kind of a golden hour, magical feel, which reflects on the story itself. There’s a great, soft feeling to it. It wants to draw you in.” Miranda also gave some more insight about how he worked with the VFX team, since most of the shots on the water were done against bluescreen: “Between VFX and myself, we had to make it feel like the lighting of the boat had to really stick with the environment that we were actually projecting it for. I spent a lot of time with pre-vis, looking at weather and clouds to create what Pi’s environment really is. I think we did a pretty awesome job at putting that all together.” You can read the whole interview over at Arri’s site. 

Once again, congratulations to Mr. Miranda on his win, and to the whole Life of Pi team as well. What did you think of the film? Let us know in the comments! 

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