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Whenever a new camera is released, accessory manufacturers scramble to make the various plates and supports we all crave to build out our kits. Every camera’s shape is a little different, but in the end we always want to get the cameras to integrate in similar ways.

3ality Technica is striving to streamline that process. Their Elements line of camera accessories now features the Micron system, a new standardized accessory line based on a lightweight 15mm (LW15) rod base, which is expandable up to a complete studio support rig. In my video, I describe the Elements Micron System for the Sony F5/F55, which we’ve bundled together to make versatile shooting kits for these cameras. There are actually six different kits to choose from, depending on the rod size you desire: Lightweight 15mm Basic, Lightweight 15mm Deluxe, Studio 15mm Basic, Studio 15mm Deluxe, Studio 19mm Basic and Studio 19mm Deluxe. These kits contains the various parts described below, and I suggest watching the video to see how simply and elegantly the various items work together.

The heart of the Micron system is the Micron Bridge, a small LW15 rod mount, which slides along a detachable Dovetail Plate to balance the camera. The Micron Bridge is as small as it can possibly be made, and it is in fact the correct size for mounting directly to the Canon C100/300/500 cameras. To achieve the correct height for other cameras, a spacer must be added, which allows the Micron system to be used across the widest variety of cameras. For the F5/F55, the Shim Plate extends the length of the camera, allowing for the mounting of a shoulder pad and Binary Clamp for rear LW15 rods. The standard Dovetail Plate can mount to any tripod quick release plate or replace the QR plate on an OConnor 1030 or Sachtler 7×7 HD tripod head. You can also use the Micron Adapter For Studio Users. This versatile plate can be used as a dovetail base attached directly to a tripod plate, or it can be mounted to the top of an Elements Hybrid Sliding Bridgeplate system for the correct height and spacing for full studio 15mm or 19mm rail support. The F5/F55 Top Plate includes a clever safety catch to prevent accidental replacing of the camera’s native FZ lens mount. The top plate supports mounting of the Sony top handle or the Elements Man Handle, which includes various threaded sockets and mounting clamps. The Spud For Sony EVF allows the camera’s viewfinder to mount to the handle.

If you’d like to learn more about the Sony F5/F55 as well as lenses and accessories, our first F5/F55 intensive class is coming up in New York! 

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