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posted by - Friday, 25 January 2013

In our industry, most people hear LED lighting and think of small low-power lights that can be mounted on a camera or stashed in a corner. What does not generally come to mind is “high output,” as most people believe that large tungsten or HMI units are still the only choices for real punch.

That’s not true anymore. The Nila line of fixtures offers very high output while maintaining the low power consumption and long life advantages of LEDs. The new Nila Varsa has the same output as a 400w HMI, yet uses only 75w of power and can run off a camera battery. The Nila Boxer is a 200w fixture yet is equal to an 800w HMI, and the mighty Nila SL consumes just 500w yet rivals the blast of a 2.5K HMI lamp. Besides power efficiency, the Nila units are rated for 20,000+ hours on their emitters – compared to an HMI bulb’s 200+ hours – and the purchase price for the Nilas is less than half that of the comparable HMI. Nila lights are also completely flicker-free at full strength and rated up to at least 1500 fps when dimmed to any level, making them ideal for high-speed photography.

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