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posted by - Wednesday, 02 January 2013

2012 was a very busy year for us here at AbelCine, and we are excited to make 2013 even better. Here is a list of our top blogs for the year. Hitting the top of the list are our scene file blogs, workflow blogs and some new product announcements. We’ll keep this type of content flowing if you keep stopping by. 

1 How to Import C300 Footage in Avid, FCP X and Premiere

Wow, our most popular blog of the year was on the new Canon C300. This new camera has really been a hit and is continuing to grow in popularity. This blog talks about how to import footage from the camera into various NLEs.

2 35mm Digital Sensor Comparison Chart

Mitch Gross and the team here at AbelCine created this chart to help you compare the sensor sizes in the latest Digital Cinema cameras. We update this chart whenever a new camera comes out. Also check out our popular Filed of View comparison tool, the FOV Calculator.

3 AF100 Scene Files Created by AbelCineThe Panasonic AF100 lead the pack in the move towards large sensor professional video cameras. We created these scene files early on to help you get the most out of the camera. If you own, or rent, an AF100 this is a great blog to check out.
4 Applying LUTs to Log Footage in FCP, Premiere, Avid and Resolve

2012 was a big year for LUTs, or at least the use of them across many different platforms. With more cameras shooting Log and Raw, working with Look Up Tables has become common place. Check out this blog to learn more about how to work with LUTs in various applications.

5 FS100 Scene Files from AbelCine

Sony’s FS100 camera offered a lower cost alternative to their F3 but with many of the same great features. The FS100 has a great look out of the box, but we put together some scene files here to help you get even more out of it.

6 Fujinon’s New 19-90 T2.9 Cabrio 35PL Zoom Lens

Fujinon’s announcement of an ENG style zoom lens that is PL mounted and covers Super 35mm was a big deal. The lens is shipping now and continuing to grow in popularity. Check out this blog if you didn’t catch it in 2012.


7 F3 Scene Files from AbelCine

The F3 was Sony’s first move into the large sensor professional video camera world, and it was a big one. The F3 offers a huge amount of features including S-Log and RGB output. We put out these files when the camera first started to ship to get you a little bit more out of the camera.

8 Canon C300 Scene Files from AbelCine

The C300 was Canon’s first move into a large sensor, more traditional video camera. It has improved image quality over their DSLRs and great features like Canon Log. We wanted to give our customers some more looks to play with in the camera, so we created these files. If you ever plan to work with the C300 check out this blog.


9 Aaton Unveils the Delta Penelope Camera

AbelCine has been working with Aaton since our company was first formed over 20 years ago. Their new Delta Penelope is their first move into the digital cinema world, and the camera features many very unique designs that only Aaton could include. In this blog, Mitch Gross gives you a full overview of the new camera, so make sure to check it out.

10 Thunderbolt Tools for Filmmakers and Editors

Computers are a huge part of the filmmaking process these days, and most filmmakers are using Apple machines. The Thunderbolt interface promises to really speed up and improve how we work with our Macs. Check out this blog to learn about some of the Thunderbolt products that might apply to you.

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