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posted by - Monday, 04 June 2012

Sony’s new FS700 is almost here, and everyone is excited about the camera’s high-speed recording options. The FS700 can shoot full HD resolution up to 240 fps in short bursts. We have shown several examples of this on our site already, including the Jeff Lee “Matrix” shot. The internal recording of the FS700 is in the AVCHD format, which gives good results with very long record times. 

Many people want to push the limits of the camera, however, and are wondering if it can output the high frame rate footage over SDI in order to capture it externally. Alister Chapman at XDCAM-User.com has come up with the answer in his testing. When capturing high-speed on the FS700, you trigger the high-speed recording burst (start, end or end half triggers), and then the camera will playback what you captured. The playback is recorded in AVCHD, and Alister has found that the FS700 can also output the buffered high-speed footage over SDI. This means that an external recorder can be used to record the uncompressed video being played back out of the buffer.

Another interesting point: the camera always buffers video at 60/50p (depending on your base frequency), and the playback is based on your output settings. If the camera is set to output 24, 25 or 30p, then it skips frames to conform to that standard, but if the output is set to 1080 60p, then you get the full buffered playback. A lower frame rate output would work well with the huge variety of HD-SDI recorders, but if you have a recorder that takes a 3G 1080 60p signal, then you can get even more out of the camera. Recorders like the Gemini 4:4:4/RAW, Codex Onboard M/S, CineDeck EX, or upcoming AJA Ki Pro Quad would all fit the bill. You can read Alister’s full blog over on XDCAM-User. The FS700 should arrive by the end of the month, so make sure to get your pre-order in! 

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