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This year at NAB, Panasonic gave us an idea of what they have in store for the future, and their future, like many others, is 4K. The concept 4K VariCam was under glass at the show, but we also got to see it backstage and get some more information about what it may be one day. Much is not  yet known, but it will be a large sensor camera with 4K recording in Panasonic’s AVC-Ultra compression. AVC-Ultra supports resolutions up to 4K and, from the demonstrations in their booth, the compression holds up extremely well. Compressed 4K video may make the possibility of working with such high-res material much more realistic for many of us. The 4K VariCam will feature a modular design, with different IO and recording modules, and a strong housing designed to take a beating. Because it is a concept camera, we aren’t sure of any specifics, but it’s definitely something to look for in the future. Watch my video above to learn more.

Panasonic was also showing off new microP2 cards at the show. These cards have the shape and size of a SDHC card, but with fast and reliable memory built in. We can expect these cards to be the recording format of future Panasonic cameras, and they can also be used with an adapter in many of the existing cameras. It’s great to see Panasonic developing their P2 card system further; watch my brief video below to see more.

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