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posted by - Thursday, 08 December 2011

Here are a few testimonials from our clients who have enjoyed using the CamTram system. Browse the photo gallery and then read what they have to say.

We found the CamTram to be invaluable to the production value of this project, especially at such an affordable cost. The addition of the CamTram to our future equipment lists is an absolute must, as we were very impressed with the extreme portability and versatility that the system afforded us. Considering that one of our locations was a private home lent to the production during business hours, we were able to get our equipment in and out of there (including an interior tracking shot of the kitchen!) with ease and leave virtually no impact on the property.
– Tyler Quinn, Hoisted Sail Productions

Let me begin by telling you how much I love our CamTram!!! I am a Music Video & Commercial Director who owns “reelestates.com” a Video Of Luxury Homes, Developments & Resorts production company. The CamTram is an instrumental part of our location package, which is used weekly all over the world!!! We rarely do a job without it, and its shots are instrumental to our production value & quality. Construction is extremely rugged and performance is flawless!!!
– Carlos Prio, reelestates.com

First of all, I must say that I’m extremely impressed with the build quality of the CamTram. I’m a pretty “mechanical” person and even thought about building trying to build something comparable…. after I opened the case, I laughed at myself for thinking that I could have pulled anything off even remotely close to the CamTram. I can’t wait to put this thing to work.
– Lee Dashiell

It’s pretty fun shooting with the rig (and a NICE change of pace from just being on sticks) and not hard once you play around with it for a little bit. It’s just like anything else, once you get comfortable with it, it starts to become second nature.

You have a very cool, versatile product with great customer service, and I will recommend the CamTram to anyone looking for a portable, very capable dolly.
– Christopher Bell

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed using your CamTram in Santorini, Greece.

It really worked out beautifully.
– Gerardo Puglia

I am an owner of your dolly system and love it. I have rigged a simple way to use it in vertical position. It works fine at angles 45 degrees or less.
– James Lindstrom

We have been acquiring your CamTram system last April through AbelCine in LA, and I should say, to say the least, we are very happy with it.

We brought it to extreme environments, such as salty waters and inside a volcano… and it survived! Indeed, we have a series of rusted screws and bolts, but it performed extremely well. Despite the constraints, it carried faithfully a Phantom Flex or a Red ONE without any problem, amongst bears or volcanic smoke.
– Betrand Loyer, www.saint-thomas.net

» Watch a clip from Betrand Loyer’s upcoming documentary Life on Fire and see the CamTram in action.

Hi Ned*,

I met you at NAB where you were kind enough to go over your fantastic CamTram system and show me some of the other additional items you have been working on. I’d seen it on your website and had been impressed, but it was even better than I expected when I saw it in person. I had to have one. Fortune smiled on me, and the very first tech scout I did upon my return to Pittsburgh was a job tailored for the CamTram. I happened to be in New York before the shoot and bought one from AbelCine.

I’m happy to say it worked flawlessly. The producer was happy (we saved time by not bouncing the dolly up and downs stairs at our location); the Director was happy (’cause he got shots we could not do otherwise); I was happy (’cause it gave us great results and its quick set-up time allowed for more time to lighting), and even the surly Dolly Grip thought is was very cool and well thought out. So – many thanks for making such a great product.

I’ve already ordered the other accessories listed on Abel’s site (Mitchell mount, O-ring set, etc.).
– J. Garton

* Ned Traver, inventor of the CamTram system

We’ve been using the CamTram since April and LOVE it. We’ve used it on a feature, promo videos, numerous documentaries, and a PSA and have found that it adds production value and is really lovely to work with.
– Michael Skinner


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