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posted by - Friday, 11 March 2011
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We’ve done a lot of testing with the Sony PMW-F3camera and had great results. Our tests included sensitivity, dynamic range and low light performance. In a three part series, Mitch and I will cover all of these topics with the hopes of shedding light on what this camera can do.

The F3 had the following settings for this test: 1920×1080 23.98p, Rec709 Gamma (STD5), Auto Knee OFF, Black Gamma 0, Matrix Standard, Detail OFF, Aperture OFF. All testing was performed with a Leader LV7330 scope, DSC Labs Camalign ChromaDuMonde chart, and Sekonic L-758Cine light meter. Watch the video above to see how we determined the ISO ratings of the camera at different gain levels, or keep reading below to see our results.

Here are our results:

Gain db Level ISO Rating
-3 db 500 ISO
0 db 800 ISO
+3 db 1000 ISO
+6 db 1600 ISO
+9 db 2000 ISO
+12 db 3200 ISO
+18 db 6400 ISO
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