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posted by - Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Sound Devices 302 is a three-channel mixer that features a compact size and intuitive design. All the controls that are needed for operation are located on the front of the unit, making it easy to operate even when in a bag.

Layout on the front panel is built for quick operation. You should be aware that input two has a slide switch above it that reverses polarity. It is a common mistake to activate this thinking that it is a filter. When activated, the switch turns off input number two, so make sure to check this setting.

The audio quality of the 302 mixer is excellent. It packs a lot of features into a low profile unit that is rugged and lightweight. This time-tested mixer will provide years of reliable service in any configuration. Watch my video above to learn more.

Another compact-yet-powerful product from Sound Devices, the 702Tis a two-track audio recorder with timecode. Weighing just under two pounds without a battery, it certainly fits the definition of a lightweight field recorder.

Sound Devices did a great job of putting a lot of info at your fingertips without overwhelming the front panel for the operator. The most important menu items – such as bit depth and sample rate – are located at the top of a 91-item list. As for timecode, the 702T incorporates the Ambient timecode module, which is highly accurate. It also comes equipped with wordclock in and out for syncing multiple sound units.

The 702T boasts all the features required for professional sound recording, while its size and ease of use make it ideal for ENG or doc style shooting. Watch the video above to get more detail on this compact and useful device.

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