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posted by - Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Lenses designed for 2/3” video have certain desirable characteristics. They are available in high zoom ratios, have wide apertures and are relatively compact. As more large sensor cameras hit the market, many of our clients are looking for a way to use their favorite B4-mount 2/3” lenses on these cameras. Our HDx2 B4/PL Optical Adapter will do the trick for a number of these cameras. Designed and built by IB/E Optics exclusively for Abel Cine Tech, the HDx2 mounts behind a B4-mount 2/3″ lens, expands the projected light to cover an image circle greater than 22mm, and then attaches to a PL mount camera. The HDx2 turns the B4 lens into a longer focal length lens, so that the relative depth of field expected for the larger sensor is achieved, while the usual field of view when the lens is mounted to a 2/3” camera is maintained. The HDx2 also optically corrects for the different spectral alignments between the three-chip prism block sensors for which the B4-mount lenses were designed and the single sensor of the PL mount large sensor cameras.

On the Phantom Flex and v640, the HDx2 will allow B4 lenses to cover the 1920×1080 image area, at which they can shoot up to 2500fps and 2700fps, respectively. On the RED One, B4 lenses will cover all 3K formats, at which that camera can shoot up to 60p. On the Panasonic AF100, the full sensor will be covered with the use of an appropriate PL adapter such as the Hot Rod Cameras AF100 Tuner.

The HDx2 B4/PL Optical Adapter is available for sale exclusively from Abel Cine Tech, and is also available to rent from Abel.

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