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posted by - Monday, 13 December 2010

At Abel, we’re always trying to find new uses for existing products. One recent example of this has been the Juicebox 400, which was originally designed by Abel for our Phantom HD/65 Breakout Box. Now, we’re seeing this unit power a whole range of broadcast and digital cinema cameras, including the ARRI ALEXA, RED One, Panasonic VariCam 2700/3700 and Sony SRW-9000.

When we designed the Juicebox 400, we knew that it would have to be capable of supplying plenty of watts for the camera, as well as all the accessories that clients might wish to pile on. Another key requirement was a “stiff supply,” which means that the power to the camera could not rise or fall as the accessories were switched on and off. To build this heavy-duty power supply, we turned to our friends at Frezzi, and they built the Juicebox 400 for us.

The Juicebox 400 can output a whopping 400 watts of 15vdc power. To put this in perspective, a standard 12v camera power supply is usually around 70 watts. With this much power, the Juicebox can power a large camera along with a host of accessories, including large Litepanels. We’ve powered 3D Phantom rigs off of a single Juicebox 400 and had complete engineering stations run off one unit. Sometimes cameras go out with so many accessories piled on it’s difficult to see the camera body underneath, but the whole thing can still run off a single Juicebox 400. Blasting out 400w at 15v, the Juicebox 400 could answer the needs for many rental houses, multi-camera truck operators and other facilities.

The small, lightweight Juicebox 400 is the first of a series of innovative power solutions planned by Abel Cine Tech.

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