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posted by - Monday, 15 November 2010
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At Abel, we’ve been seeing strong interest in the ARRI ALEXA for all types of production. With any new technology, there are lots of questions as to the virtues of the system, how it functions on set and what it is like to carry it through post. To help answer these questions, Abel Cine Tech has been building a library of Technical Resources on the ALEXA.

Key features of the ALEXA with links to brochures and articles – including Jon Fauer’s Special Edition Film & Digital Times profile of ALEXA.

There’s Something About ALEXA
Unique and interesting functionality of the ARRI ALEXA from Abel’s perspective.

A detailed camera FAQ that is useful for both technical and non-technical readers.

ALEXA Camera Online Tools
Arri’s ALEXA Camera Simulator is an interactive training tool for learning the camera’s simple and efficient menu structure. The virtual interface is identical to the one found on the actual camera. The ALEXA Frame Line Composer allows for the construction of custom frameline markings that can then be imported into the camera.

ALEXA Sample Footage
Basic footage from the ALEXA, captured in various levels of ProRes on the camera in both REC709 and LOG-C. Ideal for testing post workflows and color correction capabilities.

ARRI ALEXA Post Workflow: Options, Quality & Ease
A discussion of the various post workflow options available with the ALEXA and how each is supported in the industry today.

ARRI Digital Workflow Diagrams
Diagrams of common ALEXA workflows from production through post.

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