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posted by - Wednesday, 15 September 2010

ARRI continues to roll out new products and upgrades for the ALEXA camera. Last week they officially made available the ProRes workflow (Shoot to Edit) functionality as part of the ALEXA 2.0 firmware release, meaning the camera can now function as a standalone device for high-quality ProRes capture. Additionally, ARRI made a few more interesting announcements at IBC this year.

The ALEXA Plus is an upgrade model of the ALEXA that will be available in January 2011. Key features include wireless connectivity with several ARRI wireless components, an additional monitor output, ARRI LDS (Lens Data System) integration, an additional accessory power port and built-in position and motion sensors (great for VFX work). Any current ALEXA can be upgraded to an ALEXA Plus in the future.

Some new accessories were also announced, including the RCU-4, a cabled Remote Control Unit that is laid out exactly like the side panel of the camera, allowing remote access to all of the camera’s menus and controls. If you don’t wish to work tethered, the WNA-1 Wireless Network Adapter will allow full communication protocol with the camera via any WIFI device. Imagine running an ALEXA via an iPad, or shooting on location with an interface to a client in LA and an effects house on another continent. The ALEXA 3D Cable Set is a pair of cables to interconnect two cameras so that the scans of both sensors will be perfectly interlocked for exact stereo synchronization in playback and record. Far more precise than a simple genlock, the cables connect both the EXT (External) ports and the Ethernet ports. The LMS-3 is a Low Mode mounting plate that attaches to the top of the ALEXA to allow for mounting from above for Steadicam and crane shooting.

Finally, ARRI and Colorfront announced the upcoming release of their new product, On-Set Dailies, which provides a complete digital dailies suite that includes metadata file management, color grading, and faster-than-realtime deliverables authoring. The Colorfront software should be available before the end of the year.

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