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posted by - Wednesday, 10 March 2010
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Some of the newer Phantom cameras, such as the v640, feature an internal mechanical shutter used to shade the camera’s sensor during a Current Session Reference (CSR). A CSR calibrates all pixels that will be used for a given set of camera parameters and sets them to pure black – an important step in making sure the image is as accurate as possible. With the internal mechanical shutter, a camera operator can do a CSR without manually capping lens.

Recently, Vision Research announced that they are bringing this useful feature to its existing line of V-Series cameras with an External Mechanical Shutter. For use with the v5.2, v7.3, v9.1 and v10, the V-series lens shutter replaces the F-mount on the camera so you can keep using your existing lenses. The shutter is meant to be used in conjunction with the new VRI Signal Breakout Device that provides access to every available signal on the cable. Simply exchange your existing capture cable with the Breakout Signal Device, then connect the shutter control cable to the shutter. Now you can do a CSR in situations when it was previously impossible, such as when the camera is unattended. Vision Research has a nice five-minute video explaining the benefit of this setup on their site.

Find more information on the Vision Research

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