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posted by - Thursday, 23 July 2009

Final Cut Pro 7Apple has just released a new version of Final Cut Pro and updates to several other programs in Final Cut Studio including Compressor, Color, Motion, and Soundtrack. There are so many updates that you’ll need to go over to Apples site to read about them. Visit their What’s New page for the details. Here are some of the big updates in FCP 7 that make me happy…

- More ProRes flavors are available including Proxy, LT, and 4444. These will allow for ingest of material like AVCHD at lower bit rates to save space. The Proxy version is 45 Mbps and the LT version is 102 Mbps. The new 4444 version is for high quality 444 footage and runs at 330 Mbps.

- AVC-Intra native support. Now we can work with Panasonic’s highest end codec without transcoding to ProRes. This will save time and hard disk space.

- Improved Log & Transfer software and Automatic Ingest. The details aren’t incredibly clear yet, but it seems to have improved automatic naming, better support for spanned clips, better meta data support, and the ability to search out missing volumes. Also there is an Automatic Ingest function that will allow for ingest of material as soon as it is mounted.

- XDCAM Optimized. They have improved render times for all the XDAM flavors. Also I heard from someone at Sony that slow motion shot with the PDWF800 will be supported as well.

Other big updates include background exporting of material (so you can edit while you export), Colored Tabs, 4k suport in Color, DPX support in Color, Cinema Tools support for DPX & RED RAW files, BluRay & DVD creation from Compressor, and a host of other things that you just need to read about.

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