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posted by - Wednesday, 27 May 2009

E-Series P2If you own a P2 based camera  or other device then this is a must read. Panasonic is releasing their E-Series (Economy Series) P2 cards and while they are designed to work with all P2 devices, many will require a firmware upgrade to work perfectly. Without the upgrade the devices may have problems recording clips over multiple cards (Spanned Clips). Also a “REC Warning Error” may occur when recording in variable frame rates at 720/24PN/25PN/30PN. UPDATE: This is only a problem at 12p or 15p on the AG-HVX200/AG-HVX200A, AG-HPX170 and AG-HPX500 models.  This error may also occur when shooting DV or DVCPRO (not DVCPRO HD) in Loop, Interval, or even Normal record modes. So these updates are a must if you’d like to use the E-Series cards. An upgrade is NOT needed for the following cameras:  VariCam 3700, VariCam 2700, AJ-HPX3000, AJ-SPX800, AJ-SPC700 and AJ-SPD850.

Panasonic has posted a chart here, which shows which cameras need the update and when the firmware will be available for free download. That same site – The Panasonic AV Support Desk – will be the best place to visit when you’re ready to upgrade your camera.  For more information read this PDF document – Compatibility Note for E-Series P2 Cards – which Panasonic has issued.

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