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posted by - Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Z-StopMatt Livingston, one our sales team members here in New York, had a hand in one of the new Zacuto products released at this year’s NAB. Matt works with many clients that use the Letus 35mm lens adapter systems. These are great systems, but one of the complaints that he often heard from clients was the inability to lock focus on the camera after setting it for the Letus. When setting up the Letus on a camera (without the use of a relay lens) you have to focus the camera’s lens to ground glass of the Letus. After setting the focus on the camera’s lens, operators need only adjust the 35mm lens to get proper focus. So the big problem comes in when the camera’s focus is accidentally bumped, sometimes without the operator even knowing it. Matt got this question a couple times and tried to build a solution with some existing Zacuto parts. This proved to be difficult, and every solution made it hard to adjust the focus at all. So Matt called up Zacuto’s Steve Weiss and asked for his opinion. Well Steve and the Zacuto team found a solution and designed the Z-Stop. The Z-Stop is a small carbon fiber piece that attaches to rods of the Letus support system. It is designed to be strong but pliable, so that it can hold the lens in place and still be bent back for adjustment. Check out a quick video of the Z-Stop over at the Zacuto site, and make sure to add the Z-Stop to your Letus system. Good job Zacuto and thanks to Matt for his help in making it happen. It may be called the Z-Stop, but we’ll always call it the ZLivingston.

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