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posted by - Friday, 26 January 2007

The feature-length documentary Cinematographer Stylebegan as an 8 minute short but quickly took on a life of its own. Director Jon Fauer, ASC, interviewed 110 cinematographers from 15 countries about their art and craft before the project was done.

Through these interviews, Jon explores how films from every genre, including documentaries, television shows and commercials, all end up with a unique look determined by the cinematographer – sometimes almost by chance, sometimes thoroughly researched. Cinematography Style also takes a look at impact of technology on this process and how equipment can effect style.

The result of over two years’ worth of interviews is an intimate and insightful look at all the choices a cinematographer makes and how they impact the visual style and dramatics of a film.

Jon Fauer & Crew

Among the cinematographers interviewed are Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC; Gordon Willis, ASC; Roger Deakins, ASC; Nancy Schreiber, ASC; Steven Poster, ASC; Newton Thomas Sigel, ASC; Richard Edlund, ASC; Stephen H. Burum, ASC; Allen Daviau, ASC; Fred Murphy, ASC; Daryn Okada, ASC; Remi Adefarasin, BSC; Peter Collister, ASC; and Robert Richardson.

Cinematographer Style is available to purchase from our Cine Store. To read more about the making of the documentary visit www.theasc.com.

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