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Geoff Smith
posted by - Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Topics Sony

Sony’s PXW-FS5 has been available for a little over a month and has already received its first firmware update – version 1.1. Prior to this update, when recording UHD 3840×2160 (what Sony calls “QFHD”) internally on the camera, the SDI and HDMI ports were not capable of outputting a signal.

This update remedies that situation, enabling the use of external UHD recorders (such as the Atomos Shogun, Ninja Assassin and the Odyssey 7Q+ from Convergent Design) while simultaneously recording UHD internally. One caveat is that when this option — called “QFHD Rec Output” in the menu — is enabled, the viewfinder and camera LCD will no longer show a picture (though status information displays and the menus are still accessible). This limitation is not present when recording and outputting an HD signal.

A future firmware update will enable sending FS RAW out of the camera’s SDI connection to an external recorder while simultaneously recording UHD 3840×2160 internally. In this scenario, the LCD and viewfinder will remain active.

The firmware is being distributed as software updaters for both Mac and Windows computers (see links below). The update must be run with the camera connected to a computer via USB and during the update process the camera must be powered via its AC adapter, although it’s fine to leave a battery in the camera during the update.

Use the links below to download firmware version 1.1 for the Sony PXW-FS5:

Windows version:

Mac version:

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