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Recently Freefly announced a major update, nicknamed Akira, to the software controlling the MōVI. A host of improvements are included; below is a full list of the updates:

  • High Performance Stabilization (HiPer) — Freefly has increased the control loop 2X. This means that long lens shots are possible and overall stabilization should be improved 30-50%. Additionally, there will be advanced tuning configurations.
  • Timelapse Mode — The new software will permit pre-programmed motion maths for time-lapse sequences. These can be set using the MōVI Controller or configuration software.
  • Target Mode — If you have a strong GPS signal, the MōVI can be set to lock the camera on a GPS position. The mode will also dynamically follow a Mimic transmitter as the camera’s target.
  • Fixes & Enhancements — This update features improved communication protocol as well as improved Mimic support.
  • Updates to iOS and Android — The beta apps have been updated to match the look, feel, and functionality of the Alta app. All apps can be downloaded from Freefly’s Software & Downloads page.

The public beta will be available as a free download on Freefly’s website starting February 8.

To see the new firmware in action, watch the video below:


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