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Atomos has just announced their new Flame series of monitor/recorders featuring the AtomHDR engine. The Shogun Flame will accept SDI, RAW and HDMI signals while the Ninja Flame will accept HDMI signals. For a full list of features, see below:

•  AtomHDR — AtomHDR is a proprietary image processing technology that allows operators to shoot with the high brightness range of their camera’s Log profile, while still maintaining vibrant colors. Users no longer have to worry about looking at a washed out image that makes judging exposure more difficult. AtomHDR will accurately display HDR Log footage “as the eye sees it,” without losing any sensor detail.

• AtomHDR 10-bit —The AtomHDR engine allows the monitors to display 10 stops of dynamic range to match 10-bit Log footage from cameras. Log formats from most major camera manufacturers are supported, including Canon, Sony, Panasonic, JVC, ARRI, and RED.

• 7” High Bright 1500 nit — Both the Shogun Flame and Ninja Flame feature 7″ 1920×1080 screens with 1500 nits of brightness. For shooting with standard dynamic range, users can switch to Rec709 mode to take advantage of the 1500 nit panel. This is also useful for those who do a lot of outdoor shooting, since it allows for hood-free outdoor monitoring.

• Build & Power Management — Both Flame-series units are tough, featuring built-in armor protection. The revamped power management system includes dual continuous power with hot swapping capability, a DC to D-Tap coiled cable for connection to larger battery systems, and a new, fast charger.

The Shogun Flame is priced at $1,695, while the Ninja Flame is priced at $1,295. The monitor/recorders are expected to ship later this spring, and we are currently taking pre-orders. For more details, visit the official Atomos site and stay tuned for an in-depth video coming up soon!

Atomos Shogun Flame

Atomos Ninja Flame

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