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This year at NAB, AbelCine is exhibiting the latest technology in Phantom high-speed cinematography, digital cinema, broadcast, compact cine and high-end optics in our booth. In addition to this, we have launched two new departments, Digital Media Services and Training to better serve our clients. Watch our booth preview to see a sneak peek of some of the equipment we are showcasing.  Stay tuned for more reports from the floor of NAB 2011.

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Our eyes perceive brightness differently than an electronic sensor does. Video monitors are locked into a standard for color and contrast, but now Digital Cinema camera systems are being used to capture images that are used and displayed in media that can see well beyond those limitations.

Brightness is captured on a Linear scale (LIN), and usually stored with video gamma (REC709) or with a more film-like Logarithmic encoding (LOG). What does this mean, how does one use it, and what capabilities does it represent?

If you’ve ever taken light readings with a light meter set to foot candles, you’re familiar with film’s non-linear response to light. In order to increase exposure by one stop, the amount of light hitting the film needs to be doubled. The fact that we perceive a one stop increase in exposure as a linear increase, whether it is a gain over something relatively dark or relatively bright, indicates that our own perception also operates in a non-linear way, similar to film. This response can be closely approximated by a logarithmic function (LOG).

…continue reading An Introduction to LOG and Its Uses

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At IBC this year, Sony is showing off two new prototype cameras. The first is their small 35mm sensor size camera, which was shown at NAB in a press conference, and is now on full display. This prototype promises to expand their 35mm line of cameras, which also includes the F35 and SRW9000PL. There are no detailed specs available yet, but Sony indicated that the camera will be available at an affordable price in early 2011.

…continue reading Sony 35 and Sony 3D

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35mm Digital Sensors(Click to view larger.)

 Numerous cameras available today feature a “35mm-sized sensor.” How is this defined? They all vary slightly in size, and some are shaped differently so that, when used for HD shooting, the usable size is dramatically reduced. Our clients frequently ask how to compare these different cameras and how sensor size affects field of view and lens coverage. On this topic, words and numbers can be difficult to interpret, so AbelCine decided to produce a graphical chart to better compare areas of coverage.

…continue reading 35mm Digital Sensor Comparison Chart

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Topics Sony

The lucky guys over at Mercedes-Benz Digital Media get to shoot promos for all of the newest cars, and these promo videos appear on television and in Mercedes-Benz dealerships across the country. Recently they approached us to test out the Sony SRW-9000 on one of their shoots. With its 4:4:4 recording, extreme dynamic range and the high quality of the HDCAM SR format, the camera made for an easy choice. I traveled out to Lompac, CA – a city near Santa Barbara that boasts incredible views of the Pacific – with two cameras packed into a small rental car. Once there, I met up with DP Robert Campbell, Production Supervisor Kyle Smith, and the whole Mercedes team. They put one SRW-9000 on a special camera car rigged with a crane, and another on sticks for pass-by shots. Additionally, they used the CamTram system for some tracking shots. Fujinon provided several lenses, and Mercedes already owned the amazing HA13x4.5 lens with built-in precision focus. Robert, the DP, really liked having the ability to change frame rates up to 60P in 1080, and especially appreciated that the camera could ramp the frame rate while shooting. The shoot went smoothly and Mercedes-Benz captured some beautiful footage of several cars, including the new SLS. Check out the video above to see some of this footage, as well as some behind the scenes shots. Notice how well both highlight and lowlight information is preserved, especially during the sunset shots; we also ramped several shots so keep an eye out for those as well.

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Topics Power

Anton Bauer recently released a new flexible Solar Panel system that can charge batteries when combined with their Tandem 150 charger/power supply. The Solar Panel folds out to 59 x 43 in (149.9 x 109.2 cm), and uses direct sunlight as an alternate power source. The panel is ideal for remote locations where no power is available, though charging times can vary based on available sunlight, of course. The Tandem 150 is the ultimate light power supply and charger in one. With 150W of power, the unit works with the most power hungry cameras, including the Sony SRW9000 and ARRI ALEXA. When attached to cameras with lower power draw (<75W), it can simultaneously charge a battery as well. The good news is that it will automatically detect the power draw and switch the battery charging option on or off. The Tandem 150 is extremely flexible – it can charge batteries when combined with the solar panel or act as a power supply/charger when working with standard AC or DC from a vehicle (when combined with the CA-TMCL – Vehicle Power Outlet adapter). Combining the the Anton Bauer Solar Panel, Tandem 150, Vehicle Power adapter, and Anton Bauer batteries would make for an excellent power kit that would work in just about any situation.

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Topics NAB 2010, Sony

When Sony first released the SRW-9000, they also revealed their future upgrade path for the camera to include a PL mounted 35mm sensor. Joseph Schimizzi, Sales Support Engineer, for Sony Electronics took a moment to speak with me about the new features of the SRW-9000PL. Watch the video to see all the new features of the SWR-9000PL.

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