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The PCU2+ is the latest version of the PCU from AbelCine’s Cameo line of accessories. The unit can control two Phantom cameras at once, and also replaces the need to be tethered to a computer to control the functions of the camera.

The PCU2+ is made with an aluminum enclosure. The power supply is also a charger, which charges the internal battery for up to 30 hours. Additionally, when cabled to a Phantom camera, the battery is also charged. These are all new improvements in this model.

In this blog, I take you through a demonstration of some of the capabilities of the PCU2+. I also give you a behind the scenes look at a shot we did with two Phantom VEO cameras, both controlled with the PCU2+.

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This year at NAB, AbelCine is exhibiting the latest technology in Phantom high-speed cinematography, digital cinema, broadcast, compact cine and high-end optics in our booth. In addition to this, we have launched two new departments, Digital Media Services and Training to better serve our clients. Watch our booth preview to see a sneak peek of some of the equipment we are showcasing.  Stay tuned for more reports from the floor of NAB 2011.

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