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The Canon Cine-Servo 17-120mm made some waves when it was released in 2014. Finally, we had an ENG-style servo lens with a long zoom range for Super 35 sensors shooting in high resolutions. This made a lot of people happy in the documentary and TV world, eliminating the need to carry multiple lenses and bringing us back to broadcast camera / lens design. Let’s take a deeper look at this lens.

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Canon’s CN-E Compact Zooms have been a great addition to documentary cinematography since their release five years ago. The image quality is superb and is a great choice for higher-end productions. They offer a comfortable size and weight, with a fast, consistent T2.8 aperture. This pair of lenses offers a great focal length range that will cover you in most shooting situations. Let’s take a deep dive into the look and feel of these two lenses.

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When Canon announced the Compact Servo 18-80mm T4.4 last year, it was also announced that it would be part of a family of lenses. Today, the Compact Servo 70-200mm T4.4 joins the ranks as the second lens of the series. With particular attention to usability, the 70-200 is physically identical to the 18-80, down to the placement and gear pitch of the focus, iris, and zoom rings. It utilizes the same optional hand grip unit, and like its sister lens is a parfocal design. Optically it also pairs well with the Cinema Prime lenses and is compatible with the Canon 1.4x and 2.0x Extender.

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The C300 Mark II‘s dual-pixel technology provides reliable and predictable autofocus. We now have the ability to dedicate autofocus to skin tones only, subjects coming in and out of frame, or multiple subjects in the same frame. The C300 Mark II also gives users lots of options for autofocus. As of firmware version v, we now have autofocus with the Canon 17-120 servo zoom. A free firmware update for the 17-120 lens is required to use autofocus with the C300 Mark II. This update can be done at a Canon service center or at AbelCine’s New York or Burbank locations.

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It was a busy NAB for our tech specialists with visits to the most interesting booths at the show, as well as Tech Talks and training workshops on the AbelCine presentation stage. With so much to cover, we wanted to round up all of our NAB blogs and presentations in one place for you. Without any further ado, dive into our NAB 2016 blog roundup:

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At our NAB Canon Tech Talk, Megan and Paul Hawxhurst, Professional Market Specialist, discussed Canon’s new Compact Servo 18-80mm lens, their new multi-purpose ME200 camera, as well as firmware updates for the C100 Mark II, C300 Mark II, and the DP-V2410 4K reference monitor.

The lightweight (2.6 lbs) Compact Servo 18-80mm is a new EF mount lens in a class between Canon’s great still lenses and cinema lenses. The lens supports dual pixel auto focus and image stabilization, with the same coating and color as the cinema lenses. With a removable and re-positional handgrip, featuring a rosette to move the zoom and run/stop controls wherever you want, this is a great mid-range lens with a lot of potential for run-and-gun shooters. The lens will be available in August. In the meantime, check out Jeff Lee’s pre-NAB Canon blog for another look at the lens.

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Recently, Canon’s Ken Rowe stopped by our office to give us a sneak peek at two new products that will be debuting at NAB, the Compact-Servo 18-80mm zoom lens and their latest multi-purpose camera, the ME200S-SH.

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