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CineTechnica is the technical blog of AbelCine and was created as an educational resource for anyone interested in learning about professional film and video technology.

In order to further the conversation, we have decided to allow comments on our posts. We moderate all comments and reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to remove any comments or links that do not meet our guidelines for posting.

These guidelines are based on respect for all members or our community. To foster a professional environment and the exchange of ideas, we strongly encourage the use of real names on this blog. For your convenience, you may log in with your Facebook or Twitter account. You must be logged in to comment.

The following types of comments are not allowed.

  • Spam – no commercial solicitations
  • Trolling – any comments that are disruptive, annoying or whining
  • Personal attacks against any blogger, editor or another commenter
  • Language that is racist, sexist, obscene, threatening or offensive in any way
  • Stalking or harassing another user
  • Topics that are far outside the scope of this blog

Please note that all posts containing links are subject to approval before posting. Our moderators may remove any links we deem inappropriate or off topic.

If you have a history of violating these guidelines, we may ban your account. This means that your username, email and/or IP address will be barred from our system, preventing you from commenting in the future.

We welcome questions on the content of our blogs and videos, and the sharing of your experiences with the technology we are discussing.

We may update these policies from time to time as necessary. For any questions concerning, this policy please contact us.

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