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Topics NAB 2017, Power

In this video, I’m joined by Jose Flores of Core SWX to tell us about some new and exciting battery technologies they are showing off this year.

The first product Jose shares with us is the new HCM9, a Hypercore Mini battery featuring a 12A power draw, 98Wh capacity and both a USB and a PowerTap for providing power to accessories.

The Fleet charger has also received some upgrades, including a bump in charging speed, solidifying its place as the fastest charger on the market. One of the newest and most innovative features include a Safe Fly mode, which intelligently discharges your batteries down to 25% to adhere with FAA requirements. Make sure to watch the video above to learn more.

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AB-cine-chartSMAnton Bauer quickly became a staple for both video and broadcast cinematographers with their robust and reliable batteries. With their new CINE 90 and 90 VM, along with the CINE 150 and 150 VM breaking into the market in 2016, they’re only getting better. The CINE battery series is designed specifically for digital cinema cameras and camera stabilizer systems. The lightweight, Li-Ion CINE batteries are available in either Gold Mount or V-Mount and boast up to 12 amps of continuous power.

Check out our new charts for an overview of the key technical specs for both the CINE and Broadcast models. These specifications also translate into differences in production workflow, all of which need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right Anton Bauer battery for your project.

Click the image above to view a larger version of the chart, or download the pdfs: cine and broadcast.

…continue reading Anton Bauer Broadcast and Cine Battery Comparison Chart

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Derek Frankowski is a director and cinematographer who has specialized in shooting sports and wildlife for commercial clients and documentaries for close to 20 years. For his latest project, Derek shot a commercial with the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks. With the fast-paced nature of the NHL and action sports, Derek had to be prepared for any challenges that came his way. Derek was kind enough to discuss how he tackled some of these challenges and how he has been getting it done for all of these years.

…continue reading Derek Frankowski and IDX Capture NHL Action

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I stopped by IDX’s Cine Gear booth to learn about at their new DUO-C batteries and D-Tap charger with Marketing Manager Zach Shannon.

The DUO-C series (C95 and C190) are compact, high-capacity batteries that come equipped with two built-in D-Taps and a single USB output to power other accessories. Their new D-Tap charger features a D-Tap Advance connector, meaning there is now a third pin for charging.

Watch my video above to get a closer look at these new products!

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The next stop on our NAB 2016 tour brings us to the Switronix booth, where Jose Flores was kind enough to share with us a few updates to their products. The Hypercore 8 is a brand new 85Wh, slim-profile Li-Ion battery pack, developed primarily for the compact needs of gimbal operators. The thinner profile helps with balancing camera rigs, which other larger, more cumbersome batteries have previously made very difficult. This 85Wh variant shares the exact same technology and outer case as last year’s Hypercore 7 battery. Switronix has managed to increase the capacity of the battery, while maintaining the same compact and portable dimensions. The LCD screen provides down to the minute runtime information, taking into account not only your camera’s power draw, but also any accessories that may be plugged into the battery’s 14.4V unregulated power tap.

…continue reading NAB 2016: Switronix Battery Updates

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IBC Blog header-3

This year’s IBC show was a busy one. We’ve been posting a few of my blogs from the show floor, but they were certainly not the only product updates worth paying attention to. In this roundup, we’ll focus on some of the new camera accessory products from Anton Bauer, ARRI, Boxx, RED, and Wooden Camera. Make sure to check out all the videos below the cut.

…continue reading IBC 2015: Camera Accessory Updates

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Sony’s enormously flexible PXW-FS7 has been shipping for about eight months now and is very well received at many different levels of the market. With its two shooting modes – Custom and CINE-EI – this camera is well suited to a wide variety of productions and applications.

In Custom mode, it can be treated like a broadcast video camera, with traditional gain settings and video-friendly frame rates. In CINE-EI mode, it can be treated like a high-end digital cinema camera, using exposure indexing and shutter angles from the world of film and scripted narrative. Its “cat-on-a-shoulder” design and included grip with camera controls is reminiscent of the cinema veritè-style cameras of the 1960s, 70s and 80s, but fully updated for the digital age.

…continue reading Lenses and Accessories for the Sony FS7

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