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Vision Research has released the long-anticipated support for ProRes 422 HQ recording for the Flex4K camera platform through a free firmware update. This update also includes audio recording which allows a stereo AES/EBU signal to be fed to the camera. The audio file format is uncompressed .WAV files at 48KHz, 24-bit.

The addition of ProRes 422 HQ as an alternative to Cine Raw recording is big news. ProRes can be captured in full 4K 16:9 resolution (4096 x 2304 pixels) at frame rates up to 938fps in Loop mode and at up to 30fps in Run/Stop mode for longer takes with sync-sound. ProRes 422 HQ recordings will yield files approximately 2.5 times smaller than Cine Raw, making the typically very large amount of data generated by high-speed video more manageable and enabling a “ready-to-edit” workflow. ProRes is supported when recording to Phantom CineMag IV memory modules.

A new version of Phantom PCC software has also been released and is required to take advantage of the new features. In addition to enabling ProRes and audio recording, PCC 2.8.754 includes the following features:

  • Camera recordings can now be previewed and downloaded over gigabit or 10 gigabit ethernet.
  • The ACES color space is now supported through conversion of Flex4K .cine files into OpenEXR format.
  • User interface improvements including advanced control for grouped/synchronized cameras and optional preview image on timeline while scrubbing through recordings

This firmware is available now for download from the Vision Research website. Note: You will also need to upgrade your CineStation IV firmware.

Vision Research also recently announced a limited-time offer on a free 2TB CineMag IV with the purchase of any Phantom Flex4K bundle. This special ends next week on September 18.

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Topics Phantom

Award-winning filmmaker Ric Burns and his longtime cinematographer Buddy Squires recently premiered their new documentary, American Masters – American Ballet Theatre: A History, in honor of the ABT’s 75th anniversary. Indiewire recently sat down with the the two Abel clients for an in-depth talk about the production, including their use of slow motion photography.

…continue reading Using Phantom to Capture the Beauty of Dance

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Although 4K compressed recording is still in the works for the Phantom Flex4K, you can now use Convergent Design’s Odyssey 7Q and 7Q+ to capture high-speed 4K playback from the Phantom camera. The Flex4K uses dual 3G-SDI connectors to send out a clean Log or Rec709 4K signal, and with the latest firmware update 4.10.100 for the Odyssey 7Q, you can now capture that signal as UHD ProRes 4:2:2. I’ll take you through the steps necessary for setup:

…continue reading Quick Tip: Capturing 4K ProRes with the Flex4K & Odyssey7Q

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AbelCine is the first to join Gates’ global dealer network as a Proud Partner Member of Gates Underwater Products, home of the world’s most reliable, ‘bulletproof’ underwater imaging systems. We have put together a quick overview of some of the most popular Gates Underwater Housing Products. Gates Underwater Products can be financed, purchased and rented. Contact AbelCine to see how we can assist you with your next underwater production, and starting July 1, you can see some of the products in person at our NY and LA locations.

…continue reading Gates Underwater Housings Overview

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The Phantom Flex4K camera has been out in the world since the beginning of this year and workflow support for the files created by the camera has been steadily increasing. Some significant transfer speed records are being achieved and breakthroughs in workflow support from 3rd party companies are now being implemented. Here’s an update on some of the supporting technologies:

…continue reading Phantom Flex4K Workflow Solutions

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NAB is always full of exciting gear announcements and reveals, and this year was no different. Our specialists posted lots of great coverage from the show floor, which you can check out in our dedicated NAB 2014 category. Even if you didn’t get a chance to attend, you can still get a feel for some of the show’s highlights by checking out the videos below.

…continue reading NAB 2014: Show Highlights

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With a ton of new announcements and updates, 2013 was a busy year for our blog team. Here’s a look back at the ten most popular blogs of the year – we’ve got workflow posts, optics, scene files, and camera news from Arri, Phantom, Sony and Canon.

Thanks for helping make 2013 another great year for our blog. Let us know in the comments what your top story of the year was, and what you’d like to hear more about in 2014.

…continue reading Top 10 AbelCine Blogs of 2013

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