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In this video, Toni Lucatorto of Vision Research tells me all about the latest update to the Flex4K, a Global Shutter option. This important update is the first to the Flex4K system since it was released around three years ago. The camera retains rolling shutter capabilities, so you can choose between rolling and global options depending on the needs of production. Rolling shutter mode provides the full 12 stops of dynamic range, while global shutter provides 9 stops of dynamic range with a boost in ISO. All existing Flex4K cameras can be outfitted with the global shutter upgrade.

Vision Research also released new Phantom media, the CineMag IV Pro, which is compatible with all existing Flex4K cameras. This mag was designed specifically for ProRes encoding. Clips will be saved faster to the media, and you are able to record at even higher maximum frame rates directly to the mag.

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The Phantom VEO from Vision Research brings many of the features and tools from their Flex cameras into a compact and rugged form factor. Using the same 2.5K global sensor as the Flex and Miro, the VEO 640S is capable of recording up to 1400 frames at full resolution (2560×1600) or over 2800 frames at HD resolution. The VEO uses readily-available CFast2.0 media and includes a bevy of integrated control IO ports, while the body maintains a small footprint at 5″x5″x5″.

…continue reading At the Bench: Introducing the Phantom VEO

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With the introduction of the VEO 640S, Vision Research has really evened out its line of high speed cameras. Whether you’re looking for something lightweighthighly configurable, or simply want brute power, the current Phantom line now has options for everybody. Check out our updated Phantom chart, above, to see an overview of the key technical specs for each camera. These specifications also translate into differences in production workflow, all of which need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right Phantom for your project.

Click the image above to view a larger version of the chart, or download the pdf.

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In this Tech Talk, AbelCine’s Moe Shore, Director of Advanced Imaging, discusses the history of Phantom cameras, as well as what’s new for 2016 in terms of recording options. He is joined by Megan Donnelly, who goes over the latest camera offering by Vision Research, the Phantom VEO. VEO is a mid-range option, capable of capturing up to 1,500 fps at 2.5K resolution. It transfers its internal RAM buffer directly to onboard CFast 2.0 media. Moe and Megan also discuss some of the Cameo accessories that have been designed to work specifically with the new VEO. The Phantom VEO will be available in the second half of 2016. For a more detailed look at the camera, watch the video above.

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Vision Research has released the long-anticipated support for ProRes 422 HQ recording for the Flex4K camera platform through a free firmware update. This update also includes audio recording which allows a stereo AES/EBU signal to be fed to the camera. The audio file format is uncompressed .WAV files at 48KHz, 24-bit.

The addition of ProRes 422 HQ as an alternative to Cine Raw recording is big news. ProRes can be captured in full 4K 16:9 resolution (4096 x 2304 pixels) at frame rates up to 938fps in Loop mode and at up to 30fps in Run/Stop mode for longer takes with sync-sound. ProRes 422 HQ recordings will yield files approximately 2.5 times smaller than Cine Raw, making the typically very large amount of data generated by high-speed video more manageable and enabling a “ready-to-edit” workflow. ProRes is supported when recording to Phantom CineMag IV memory modules.

A new version of Phantom PCC software has also been released and is required to take advantage of the new features. In addition to enabling ProRes and audio recording, PCC 2.8.754 includes the following features:

  • Camera recordings can now be previewed and downloaded over gigabit or 10 gigabit ethernet.
  • The ACES color space is now supported through conversion of Flex4K .cine files into OpenEXR format.
  • User interface improvements including advanced control for grouped/synchronized cameras and optional preview image on timeline while scrubbing through recordings

This firmware is available now for download from the Vision Research website. Note: You will also need to upgrade your CineStation IV firmware.

Vision Research also recently announced a limited-time offer on a free 2TB CineMag IV with the purchase of any Phantom Flex4K bundle. This special ends next week on September 18.

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Award-winning filmmaker Ric Burns and his longtime cinematographer Buddy Squires recently premiered their new documentary, American Masters – American Ballet Theatre: A History, in honor of the ABT’s 75th anniversary. Indiewire recently sat down with the the two Abel clients for an in-depth talk about the production, including their use of slow motion photography.

…continue reading Using Phantom to Capture the Beauty of Dance

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Although 4K compressed recording is still in the works for the Phantom Flex4K, you can now use Convergent Design’s Odyssey 7Q and 7Q+ to capture high-speed 4K playback from the Phantom camera. The Flex4K uses dual 3G-SDI connectors to send out a clean Log or Rec709 4K signal, and with the latest firmware update 4.10.100 for the Odyssey 7Q, you can now capture that signal as UHD ProRes 4:2:2. I’ll take you through the steps necessary for setup:

…continue reading Quick Tip: Capturing 4K ProRes with the Flex4K & Odyssey7Q

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