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In this Tech Talk, AbelCine’s Moe Shore, Director of Advanced Imaging, discusses the history of Phantom cameras, as well as what’s new for 2016 in terms of recording options. He is joined by Megan Donnelly, who goes over the latest camera offering by Vision Research, the Phantom VEO. VEO is a mid-range option, capable of capturing up to 1,500 fps at 2.5K resolution. It transfers its internal RAM buffer directly to onboard CFast 2.0 media. Moe and Megan also discuss some of the Cameo accessories that have been designed to work specifically with the new VEO. The Phantom VEO will be available in the second half of 2016. For a more detailed look at the camera, watch the video above.

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If a giant tree falls in the forest does it make a sound? If a 7’3” Knicks power forward hits from half court during warm-ups does anyone outside the arena see it? In slow motion?

Now they do, thanks to the reach of social media and the work of New York Knicks Digital Video Producer Tom Zweibel.

The Knicks may not be having their most winning season this year, but the video being created by Tom puts the team at the top of the league. Tom shoots court-side play, where following quick action is an obvious necessity. A couple of years ago, AbelCine helped him put together a custom solution for his small DSLR with a shoulder rig and follow focus system. This year, Tom wanted to step up his game with a higher-end solution for greater quality and flexibility.

The Sony FS7 is the heart of his new kit. The camera is well known for 4K or 1080p recording in various codecs in a lightweight, shoulder-mount form factor. Sony has been able to fit so much performance, including high-speed capability, into a low-priced package. 

…continue reading Tom Zweibel Takes It to the Net with Sony FS7 & AbelCine Accessories

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For sports, nature or any other application requiring an extremely long zoom range, equipment choices usually involve very large, heavy, and expensive lenses. While S35 sensor cameras brought huge improvements in sensitivity and dynamic range, the larger image circle posed several problems when looking for a portable lens with a high zoom ratio. However, it’s now possible to achieve an extended zoom range in a considerably smaller package.

One big advantage of 2/3″ B4 lenses is their high zoom ratio in a compact package. If you’re using a S16 camera or S35 camera with a “center crop” mode, you can utilize a small optical adapter to enlarge the projected image of the 2/3″ lens to fully cover the S16mm image circle. This means you’ll have the full range of the lens available to you, including the built-in optical doubler for additional reach.

The new Sony FS5 includes the ability to further extend the zoom range of any lens (including primes) using its built-in Clear Image Zoom feature. With this technology, you’re able to further increase your focal length by 2x while shooting HD or 1.5x in UHD. Below you can see some photos of a versatile setup that combines the FS5 with a Cameo LANC cable and optical adapters to create a 68x zoom range on a camera package weighing just over nine pounds, including the lens!

…continue reading Enabling a 68x Zoom Range on Sony’s FS5 with a Cameo LANC Cable

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Virtual Reality is currently at the forefront of discussion among content creators but 360-degree viewing has a long history. While the latest technology has made capturing and viewing VR more accessible, it is interesting to explore the unusual history that has brought us to the current Virtual Reality technologies.

Paris Exposition

The idea of surrounding viewers with moving images to create a Virtual Reality has been around for a long time. The first cinema patent was awarded back in ’97 for a process called Cineorama – that’s 1897, nearly 120 years ago! Cineorama premiered at the 1900 Paris Exposition, where ten synchronized 70mm projectors projected onto ten, thirty-foot high screens arranged in a full 360° circle. A viewing platform dressed like a hot air balloon, large enough to hold 200 people, was in the center. The film was shot by locking a circular array of ten cameras to a central drive, putting them in an actual hot air balloon, and filming as the balloon rose more than 1,000 feet above Paris. Cineorama’s only public viewing was short lived. It closed after only three days for safety reasons, due to the extreme heat from the projectors’ arc lights. The virtual experience was more dangerous than the actual reality.

…continue reading The Curious History of Virtual Reality

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Topics Phantom

Award-winning filmmaker Ric Burns and his longtime cinematographer Buddy Squires recently premiered their new documentary, American Masters – American Ballet Theatre: A History, in honor of the ABT’s 75th anniversary. Indiewire recently sat down with the the two Abel clients for an in-depth talk about the production, including their use of slow motion photography.

…continue reading Using Phantom to Capture the Beauty of Dance

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Topics Canon, Featured

Recently, AbelCine organized a focus group with select cinematographers and specialists from Canon to review the new Dual Pixel Auto Focus (DAF) upgrade for the C300 camera. The consensus was that for $500, this is a feature worth many times its cost, as it expands the universe of the types of shots that can be achieved.

Before demonstrating how DAF can help you hold focus on difficult and previously impossible shots, let’s review the core technology and how Canon has uniquely improved on the science of moving image capture.

…continue reading The Core Technology Behind Canon’s Dual Pixel AF

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The Phantom Flex4K camera has been out in the world since the beginning of this year and workflow support for the files created by the camera has been steadily increasing. Some significant transfer speed records are being achieved and breakthroughs in workflow support from 3rd party companies are now being implemented. Here’s an update on some of the supporting technologies:

…continue reading Phantom Flex4K Workflow Solutions

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