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Posts by Mitch Gross

Cooke makes several sets of primes lenses, from the high-speed 5/i set to the industry standard S4/i primes to the affordable Mini S4/i lenses. They are separated by T-stop, but they all share the “Cooke Look”.The Cooke Look is not just a slogan; it is a treasured feature of Cooke lenses for more than a century. What is this Cooke Look that drives cinematographers to covet these optics? To illustrate what makes Cooke lenses special, I shot several tests to try to illustrate four major visual traits of the Cooke Mini S4/i lenses – resolution, flare, Bokeh and color. Watch the video above to see if the affordable, eight-lens Cooke Mini S4/i prime set are the optics for you.

If you want to learn more about the history and evolution of Cooke lenses, make sure to check out FDTimes’ great Cooke History Book.

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Topics Arri, Featured

ARRI has released a Software Update Packet (SUP) v8.1 for the ALEXA camera line. While last month’s SUP v8.0 was only for classic ALEXA models, SUP v8.1 is for use on cameras with the XR Module for recording. This includes the ALEXA XT, ALEXA XT M, ALEXA XT Plus, ALEXA XT Studio as well as any classic ALEXA that has been upgraded with an XR Module. With this update, the following new features are enabled: 

…continue reading ARRI Releases ALEXA Firmware SUP v8.1

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The Odyssey 7 and Odyssey 7Q garnered lots of attention when they were first announced in March. Convergent Design recently announced several changes to the kitting of the recorders, which are due to begin shipping next month. Their prices have been lowered, while capacities have increased.

First, the SSDs for both recorders have increased in size while dropping drastically in cost. Instead of a 240GB SSD for $595, there is a 256GB SSD for $395, and instead of a 480GB SSD for $1195, there is a 512GB SSD for $895. That’s a drop from $2.49/GB to $1.54/GB. These SSDs are said to read/write faster, use less power and generate less heat than the original drives. The 960GB drive originally announced has been eliminated.

The Odyssey 7Q can record a variety of signals from various sources. While it comes bundled with DNxHD and uncompressed DPX video recording functions, there are also several record options that can be purchased or rented to expand the unit’s capabilities. These recording options have now been reorganized by camera manufacturer and some of the prices lowered.

…continue reading Odyssey 7 & Odyssey7Q Get Increased Capabilities and Lowered Price

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Topics Arri, Featured

The new Arri ALEXA HD camera is designed for economical and efficient HD video workflow. It shares the same sensor, color processing, controls, and menus, as well as accessories and software license options as the rest of the ALEXA line. By eliminating certain features that many ALEXA users do not utilize for their productions, Arri was able to lower the cost to manufacture the ALEXA HD, making it the most affordable model in the ALEXA family. AbelCine is the exclusive North American reseller of the ALEXA HD, so watch my video above to learn all about Arri’s newest offering. 

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Many crew members need to see the live camera feed but want to be mobile on set, not tied to the video village monitor. To help facilitate this, AbelCine has married the popular Teradek Bolt to the equally popular TVLogic VFM-056WP LCD monitor. Building on TVLogic’s battery mounts for Canon BP, Panasonic CGA and Sony L series batteries, we’ve modified them to power the Teradek Bolt receiver as well. A washer has also been added so that the mounting bolt included with the Teradek fits properly to the the TVLogic monitor. 

The Teradek Bolt is available in a point-to-point HD-SDI system, an HDMI version, and a Pro version that can send one transmitter signal to up to four receivers. None of these systems will interfere with one another, so multiple transmitter-receiver sets can be used on set at the same time.

Both the Teradek Bolt and the TVLogic 5.6” monitor consume very little power and do so over a wide voltage range, so powering the receiver and monitor from a single camcorder battery will provide several hours of operation. 

Depending on your needs, AbelCine can provide either the entire wireless video kit or the just the battery plate modification. Watch my video above to learn more! 

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The two Canon Compact Cine Zoom lenses, 15.5mm-47mm and 30mm-105mm, offer high performance with great flexibility. They each cover an extended range in a small, lightweight package. Both lenses focus very closely and do not distort the image throughout their range. Even with fast T2.8 apertures, they offer high resolving power with excellent contrast.

There are many places on the web to find basic specs on these lenses, so we decided to show the lens’ functionality in real world production settings. Mitch set up “talking head” and “stand up” interior shots, and Jeff went outside to illustrate some “run & gun” situations. These practical demonstrations are designed to illustrate how the lenses may perform under normal shooting conditions.

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We’ve covered some of Arri’s Pro Camera Accessories before, specifically their kit for the Sony F5/F55. This year at NAB, they’re showing off even more accessories, including a new modular mattebox, as well as some updates to that previously mentioned F5/F55 kit. I got a chance to speak with Arri’s Snehal Patel, so watch the video above to learn more.

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