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It can be tough to pinpoint exactly where virtual reality fits within the current landscape of content creation. Is it the next big thing? Is it a flash-in-the-pan? Or is it, perhaps, somewhere in between?

Only time will tell for certain, but with all the positioning and experimentation of 2016 in the rear view mirror, 2017 is shaping up to be the year that VR content production really hits its stride.

At AbelCine, we sit in a unique position alongside the creatives, digital agencies, and brands producing VR content; we’re plugged into the companies that are not only creating the technology, but those improving the overall VR experience as well. From our vantage point, we’re beginning to see a rapid surge in brand-driven, narrative, and doc-style, non-scripted VR pieces. This VR content isn’t just aimed at the Head Mounted Display (HMD) consumer; it’s also being created for dome installation experiences, mobile devices, and even television. As technology improvements in both the acquisition and display devices keep pace with this rising demand, we anticipate that more ground-breaking creators will emerge to push the genre forward.

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