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Posts by Megan Donnelly

Today I am joined by Daniel Emerson, CEO of Light & Motion, who has just announced the addition of two brand new LED lights to their Stella Pro lineup. Daniel gives us a full rundown on Light & Motion’s collection of portable and powerful lights, which all meet or exceed the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Standard. The new Stella Pro 7000 features a color temperature of 5000K and a CRI of 90. The intense 7000 lumen output easily tops the performance of HMI lights more than three times its weight and size.

On the other end of the spectrum, comes the newly announced Stella 5000d. Designed to be a “drone light,” the 750-gram unit is capable of outputting 5000 lumens, while only drawing 70 watts at full power. Be sure to watch the video above for a more detailed look at the products offered by Light & Motion.

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I’m here with Jonathan Miller at the Hive Lighting booth today to talk about Hive’s new line of plasma lights, the Plasma 1000s. Plasma, or energy-efficient arc lighting, combines the lower power draws associated with technologies like LED with the throw and punch associated with single point source HMI PAR and flood fixtures. The new Wasp and Bee 1000w plasmas produce about two times the output of a similarly rated HMI (mercury medium-arc iodide) while only drawing about 9a each. That means two of them could be safely plugged into a single 20a household circuit.

…continue reading NAB 2016: Hive Lighting Updates

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For this Tech Talk, Snehal Patel of Zeiss joined us to talk about the different lenses they are exhibiting at NAB, from the popular CP.2s to Compact Zooms, and the new Otus 1.4/28mm. He also showed off the new Zeiss Lens Gear Rings that they just announced at the show this year. Watch the video above to learn more.

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Topics Canon, NAB 2016

At our NAB Canon Tech Talk, Megan and Paul Hawxhurst, Professional Market Specialist, discussed Canon’s new Compact Servo 18-80mm lens, their new multi-purpose ME200 camera, as well as firmware updates for the C100 Mark II, C300 Mark II, and the DP-V2410 4K reference monitor.

The lightweight (2.6 lbs) Compact Servo 18-80mm is a new EF mount lens in a class between Canon’s great still lenses and cinema lenses. The lens supports dual pixel auto focus and image stabilization, with the same coating and color as the cinema lenses. With a removable and re-positional handgrip, featuring a rosette to move the zoom and run/stop controls wherever you want, this is a great mid-range lens with a lot of potential for run-and-gun shooters. The lens will be available in August. In the meantime, check out Jeff Lee’s pre-NAB Canon blog for another look at the lens.

…continue reading NAB Tech Talks from the AbelCine Booth: Canon

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I visited the Litepanels booth today and spoke with Alan Ipakchian about the latest offering in their Astra family. The new Astra 1×1 Soft Bi-Color uses the same LED technology found across the Astra line, but where this light differs is the inclusion of a built-in diffusion panel. This creates a very flattering light for your on-screen talent, which compliments the existing series of Astra lights, as well as LED Fresnels. These lights are bi-color, so in addition to being able to control light intensity, you can also adjust the color temperature.

With the use of adapters, the Astra 1×1 Soft can be used with the whole host of Astra accessories for shaping your light, like grids and barndoors. For powering the light, Litepanels provides battery plate options from Anton Bauer in either Gold Mount or V-Mount. Optional DMX and Bluetooth communications modules are offered for controlling the light. If you don’t have a DMX controller, the Bluetooth module is a great option as it allows more than 10 Astra lights to be controlled by their SmartLite App, available for iOS on the Apple App store. Watch my video above for a closer look at this exciting new offering from Litepanels.

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I stopped by the Cooke booth today and spoke with Rich Eilers about some of their new offerings at this year’s show. Cooke has announced two new additions to their Anamorphic /i family of lenses. The first is a 35-140mm, which will be the first zoom lens in this product line. The lens will feature a T3.1 aperture and sports a close focus distance of only 4 feet.

In addition to the 35-140mm, Cooke has also announced a 65mm anamorphic prime. The 65mm prime will feature a T2.3 aperture, but where this lens really shines is its macro capabilities. This macro function will allow focusing only 2 inches from the front element. Both of these lenses support /i Lens Data for metadata information, as will all currently made and future Cooke lenses. Additionally, Cooke revealed that a 45-405mm anamorphic zoom will be the next in the line.

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After using Zacuto’s Gratical EVF on a few shoots recently, I wanted to take a more in-depth look at the exposure tools and LUT functions that can be extremely valuable on set. I already knew I liked the versatility of the viewfinder and the user-friendly interface, but I wanted to see how these advanced tools could benefit my image and my set. In my first video, I use the Zacuto Gratical HD with a Sony FS7, connected via HD-SDI, and then to a TVLogic 5.6″ monitor. I show how to calibrate the viewfinder and how to best use the waveform and vectorscope tools. I also demonstrate to use the false color and zebra overlays to ensure a properly exposed image whether sending a Log or Rec. 709 signal. In addition, I explain how to set up user buttons to maximize the use of these exposure tools in order to judge exposure based on a post-LUT and Log image.

…continue reading Zacuto Gratical: A Closer Look at Exposure Tools & LUTs

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