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Posts by Kari Hess

The nanoFlash recorder can record video at up to 280 Mb/s, which requires a card with a lot of speed, but it can also record very high quality footage at lower bit rates. Some jobs may require the highest speed cards, which are also the most expensive, while others may not. This can lead to a lot of confusion about which card to get, so Convergent Design put together a chart that lists the many different cards and what write speeds they can handle on the nanoFlash. On the highest level, the Delkin 625x and SanDisk Extreme made the list. For those who require less speed (<120 Mb/s), the Transcend 400x and Delkin 300x could make for some major cost savings. You can check out the original version of this chart on Convergent Design’s site. Click the image above for a larger version.

Please note: There is an updated version of this chart available on Convergent Design’s website. This version is the most current.

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