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Posts by Andrew Finkel

Now that the PIX-E5 recorder is shipping, Video Devices, the new division and name of Sound Devices’ video product line, has released a series of PDF guides on how to best integrate the most popular cameras on the market with their PIX-E series 4K recorders.

…continue reading Video Devices PIX-E Series Camera Integration

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Topics Arri, Recording

With options like SxS Pro, SxS Pro+, CFast 2.0, XR Drives, SXR Drives and more, selecting the correct media and adapters to work with a specific ARRI camera can be complex.

To make things easier, ARRI has released an illustrated configuration diagram on all the recording media and adapter options for their cameras. The chart shows which adapters work for the ALEXA Classic, AMIRA, and ALEXA Mini, along with those for the yet to be released ALEXA SXT/SXR.

To view and download ARRI’s Recording Media chart 1.6.5, visit ARRI’s site or click on the image below.


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Adobe recently released Creative Cloud 2015 for download/purchase and as an update for existing CC subscribers. This update was first announced just prior to NAB 2015 and features some significant improvements, especially to Adobe Premiere CC and After Effects CC.

…continue reading Adobe Announces Support for VariCam 4K Codecs

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Topics Panasonic

Today Panasonic has made available the latest firmware for their VariCam 35 and HS cameras, 3.01-00-0.02 (3.01-00-0.07 for the recorder). Included are improvements in high speed and additional ProRes frame rate support along with other updates based on operator feedback.

…continue reading New Firmware for VariCam Released

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Topics Audio, Sony

Sony FS7

EDIT: Sony FS7 firmware v2.0 is now available for download from the Sony Community Site.

Sony has announced a new firmware update to the FS7 that will be available free of charge on March 15. This update includes great new features and improvements, including support for 4K XAVC-I recording, the ability to encode and write ProRes files to a single internal XQD card, and 4-channel audio recording capability.

One of the many updates is support for 4K (4096×2160) XAVC-I recording. Many refer to this as true DCI 4K recording, as it is ideal for projects that will be shown in theaters that have DCI compliant 4K projectors and a 17×9 theatrical aspect ratio screen. Other applications of this 4069x2160p frame and resolution size include recording 4K plates and stock footage that can be used by feature movie companies looking for specific niche locations or subjects. The chart below shows the frame rates and bit rates available with the new firmware:

…continue reading New FS7 Firmware Enables More Recording and Audio Options

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Atomos has recently announced a number of updates for the Shogun, including new firmware and larger batteries.

Firmware version 6.1 can be downloaded directly from Atomos’ site and enables playback. Watch the video below to see it in action, along with a few other new features.

…continue reading Atomos Shogun Updates

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Topics Film

Most who are Old Hollywood film buffs will recognize “Pickfair” as the name of Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks’ sprawling Hollywood mansion. In the mind and vision of John Earle, however, it also encompasses the idea that “cinema is an art form first and foremost and a business second.” He has formed the Pickfair Institute for Cinematic Studies with the goal of “the pursuit of excellence of motion picture art, science, and technology.”

The Pickfair Institute website is a treasure trove of projects, with something for the film preservationist and colorist, all the way to Stained Glass CIE charts and frame rate studies. Some other projects include, Digital Projection of Archival Films, Lens Metadata and Solid State Lighting. There are also interesting presentations on the Science of Color and Chromatic Chaos, and this is just a small sample of what’s available.

At AbelCine, we’ve always been proponents of the use of technology to further the art of filming. It’s great to see John Earle and his Pickfair Institute continuing to study and push the limits of technology in the service of art.

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