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posted by - Monday, 08 May 2017
Topics NAB 2017
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We had an exciting week of NAB activities and our technical specialists were busy covering the latest gear and announcements at the show. With so much to cover, we’ve rounded up all of our NAB blogs in one place for you to check out.


NAB2017-Teradek NAB 2017: Teradek COLR Duo First Look
Ian talks with Greg Smokler of Teradek to talk about their latest LUT box, the COLR Duo. The Duo is an upgraded version of the previous COLR, now sporting two, independent 3G-SDI outputs each capable of displaying their own 33x33x33 sided cube LUTs.
NAB2017-panasonic1 NAB 2017: Panasonic Updates
Ian speaks with newly-minted Panasonic Cinema Product Manager Mitch Gross about upcoming updates to the VariCam LT and other Panasonic products – including an updated Express P2 card reader, the AU-XPD3.
NAB2017-angenieux NAB 2017: Angenieux Updates
Megan met with Jean-Marc Bouchut to get the rundown on Angenieux’s new offerings showing at NAB 2017. Included is the compact and lightweight Optimo Style 48-130, available this fall, with a 44mm diameter image circle, T3 constant maximum aperture, and 3’1” close focus.
NAB2017-movi NAB 2017: Freefly Updates
Nic spoke with Alan and Brian of Freefly Systems to discuss their new MoVI Pro as well as other recent product announcements – including the Pilot system, and the new MoVI XL, Freefly’s largest gimbal to date.
Thumbnail NAB 2017: Cartoni Lambda Updates
In this video, Ian checks out the newest product updates for Cartoni with Steven Manios. From the improved Lambda 25 system’s additional third axis of motion, to Cartoni’s redesigned the spreader and new dutch head, the Total Dutch.
Thumbnail NAB 2017: Wooden Camera Updates
Nic chatted with Ryan Schorman from Wooden Camera about some of their new products. First up is Wooden’s Universal Follow Focus, a flexible and modular double-sided studio unit inspired by time-tested designs from OConnor and ARRI.
Thumbnail NAB 2017: Leica Updates
Megan checks in with Seth Emmons from CW Sonderoptic (Leica’s affiliate company for cinema lenses) about their exciting, new large format Leica Thalia lenses. They also discuss the Leica M 0.8 lenses, as well as first availability of the final focal length in the Summicron-C range, the 15mm T2.
Thumbnail NAB 2017: Sound Devices MixPre-3 and MixPre-6
Ian is joined by Jon Tatooles of Sound Devices to discuss their newly announced audio recorders, the MixPre-3 and MixPre-6. These recorders were designed with camera operators in mind, with a perfect combination of quality inputs and a simple to use interface.
Thumbnail NAB 2017: Sigma Updates
Nic dropped by the Sigma booth to discuss some updates and new lenses in the Sigma Cine series. The most recent additions to the cine prime lineup are a 14mm and a 135mm, both with a maximum aperture of T2.
Thumbnail NAB 2017: Ambient NanoLockit
Ian met with Klaus Grosser of Ambient about their new NanoLockit wireless timecode generator. Even smaller than the Tiny Lockit, the NanoLockit isn’t much bigger than a nine-volt battery or matchbox.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Litepanels Updates
Megan spoke with Vitec Group to see the new Astra models that offer increased brightness over the original 1×1 Astra; the Astra 3X and Astra 6X provide, as you might guess, 300% and 600%, respectively, of the 1st generation panels’ output.
NAB 2017: Sennheiser AMBEO VR Mic
Ian stepped over to the Sennheiser booth to speak with Brian Glasscock about their solution for virtual reality audio, the AMBEO VR. The AMBEO VR microphone was designed for use with 360-degree video content.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Fiilex P360 Family
Ian catches up with Brent Siebenaler from Fiilex to discuss their new P360 family of lights, which includes two new models – the P360 Pro and ProPlus. Just about every function of the light has been tweaked or upgraded in some way.
thumbnail NAB 2017: ARRI SkyPanel Firmware 3.0 Megan stopped by the ARRI booth to talk to Mike Wagner about the new features in the version 3.0 firmware for ARRI’s SkyPanel LED light fixtures.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Redrock Micro Updates
Ian swung by the Redrock Micro booth where he was joined by Brian Valente to check out their latest products. They talk about the SLS motor, the Eclipse system and their partnership with SmallHD to bring you new ways to use the wireless Halo Explorer.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Schneider Optics
Ian chats with Ron Engvaldsen from Schneider Optics about their new RHOdium Full Spectrum Neutral Density filters. Schneider’s new filters aim for ruler-flat spectral response over the entire visible spectrum and down into near-infrared. 
thumbnail NAB 2017: Rycote Stickies Advanced
Ian caught up with Scott Boland to discuss the new Stickies Advanced (which are now hypoallergenic) and Overcover Advanced products for hiding lavaliere microphones.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Steadicam Updates
Nic stopped by the Steadicam booth to chat with Rey Reyes about their latest product updates. The Steadimate is an adapter designed for connecting typically handheld gimbals to a traditional Steadicam vest and arm.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Atomos Sumo
Nic had a chance to chat with Pamela Berry from Atomos about new firmware for their Shogun Inferno monitor/recorder as well as their recently released free firmware update for their popular Shogun Inferno.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Chrosziel Updates
Timm Stemann of Chrosziel joins Ian to talk about their latest products being shown at this year’s NAB. Timm shows us Chrosziel’s latest addition to their lens control system, a Focus Thumbwheel.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Imagine Products PrimeTranscoder
Ian stopped by the Imagine Products booth to get an introduction to their new PrimeTranscoder from Marketing Director Michelle Maddox. Imagine Products may be best known as the maker of the industry-standard media offloading/verified copy application, ShotPut Pro (now in version 6).
thumbnail NAB 2017: DJI Ronin 2
Nic is joined by Franciso Toro from DJI, who shows us the brand new Ronin 2. Every piece has been updated or adjusted from its previous version; some of the new upgrades include a new dual battery system, allowing for hot swapping batteries so there is no need for down time changing out batteries.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Bright Tangerine Updates
Ian swung by the Bright Tangerine booth today to talk to Brian Goff and Robert Eagle about the company’s expansion into camera accessories and other new developments.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Sony URX-P03D
Ian visited the Sony booth to speak with Andy Munitz about their dual channel wireless microphone receiver, the URX-P03D. This receiver can be powered by the multi-interface smart shoe found on Alpha 7 and PXW series cameras from Sony.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Blackmagic Design
Ian caught up with Jason Druss at the Blackmagic booth about their new affordable control surfaces for DaVinci Resolve: the Resolve Mini and Resolve Micro panels. Both panels feature a subset of the functionality available on the full-size Advanced panel targeted but at different user levels.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Sony URX-S03D Slot-In Receiver Andy Munitz from Sony shows us the slot-loading version of their dual-channel wireless receiver, the URX-S03D Slot-In. The Slot-In version of the URX-S03D is designed to mount vertically inside a purpose-built slot at the rear of shoulder-mount cameras
thumbnail NAB 2017: G-Tech EV Series Updates
Ian stopped by the G-Tech booth, where Matt Bennion showed me their latest update to the EV Series G-Speed Shuttle XL.
thumbnail NAB 2017: ARRI Updates
Jeff spent some time at the ARRI booth today talking to Chase Hagen, Phil Vischer and Hendrik Voss about the company’s new products and updates – such as the ALEXA SXT-W, the ARRI Master Grips, and more.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Phantom Flex4K-GS
Toni Lucatorto of Vision Research tells Megan all about the latest update to the Flex4K, a Global Shutter option. They also released the new Phantom media, the CineMag IV Pro, which is compatible with all existing Flex4K cameras.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Core SWX
Nic is joined by Jose Flores of Core SWX to tell us about some new and exciting battery technologies they are showing off this year – the HCM9 Hypercore Mini battery and the Fleet charger
thumbnail NAB 2017: Fujinon MK 50-135 Lens
Thomas Fletcher of Fujifilm and Megan discuss the new Fujinon MK 50-135mm T2.9 Cine-Zoom Lens. This is a telephoto companion lens to compliment the recently announced 18-55mm T2.9. The new 50-135mm shares the same weight, length and diameter of the 18-55mm.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Sennheiser Updates
Brian Walker of Sennheiser was kind enough to join us for two videos. First, he shows us the MKE 440 shotgun mic, followed by the EK 6042 slot-loadable dual-channel receiver.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Cooke Updates
Megan caught up with Les Zellan of ZGC and Cooke Optics to hear all about their new S7/i “full-frame plus” lenses, a new front-anamorphic zoom, and a new variant of the Anamorphic/i primes with modified coatings to provoke more cinematic flare.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Canon Updates
Jeff chatted with Paul Hawxhurst about the new updates from Canon. As you might have heard, they are releasing a Canon Log update for their popular DSLR camera, the 5DIV. Customers have been asking for this, and Canon listened.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Miller Skyline 90 Fluid Head
At the Miller booth, Ian spoke with Joseph White about Miller’s new Skyline 90 Fluid Head. A design collaboration with storied tripod manufacturer Ronford-Baker, the Skyline 90 is a high-capacity cine-style head on a flat Mitchell base.
thumbnail NAB 2017: Sony Updates
Jeff stopped by the Sony booth, where Joseph Schimizzi talked me through their recent updates. A big focus for Sony this year has been increased support for HDR, and with these updates they are making the technology much more accessible to a larger base of users, and a wider audience.
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