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posted by - Wednesday, 26 April 2017

I stopped by the ARRI booth to talk to Mike Wagner about the new features in the version 3.0 firmware for ARRI’s SkyPanel LED light fixtures. Building on the semi-hidden “Party Mode” in earlier firmware versions, a number of fun and creative new lighting effects have been introduced to simulate environmental lighting without console patching or programming. Effects like lightning, fireworks, fire, strobe, candle, television, cop car, and paparazzi are now available with customizable parameters for dialing in a unique look on set. Preset effects can also be triggered on cue. A new high-speed mode is also available to avoid flicker at high frame rates, such as when shooting with Phantom cameras.

Another new feature is called source matching. The SkyPanel now has simulations of consumer and industrial lighting available so, for example, a SkyPanel could be set to match a high-pressure sodium streetlight during a night exterior shoot. Also available are settings to match household incandescent lights, compact fluorescent bulbs, traffic lights, road flares, a stove burner, etc. Altogether there are 46 sources programmed in for matching, including classic film lighting fixtures such as carbon arc.

By plugging an Ethernet cable into the SkyPanel, you can now interact with the fixture through a web browser to install firmware updates as well as manipulate all settings in real time, or on cue during a shot. Download firmware v3.0 from ARRI now, and watch my video to learn more.

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