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The C300 Mark II‘s dual-pixel technology provides reliable and predictable autofocus. We now have the ability to dedicate autofocus to skin tones only, subjects coming in and out of frame, or multiple subjects in the same frame. The C300 Mark II also gives users lots of options for autofocus. As of firmware version v, we now have autofocus with the Canon 17-120 servo zoom. A free firmware update for the 17-120 lens is required to use autofocus with the C300 Mark II. This update can be done at a Canon service center or at AbelCine’s New York or Burbank locations.

The 17-120 requires power to operate the servos in the lens. AbelCine can provide two solutions: the Cameo LANC Cable (CAM-LANC-110), which is a Y cable that provides power to the lens via P-Tap plus enables record start / stop trigger from the handgrip. The other option from AbelCine is the AB-HDX35-POWER cable, which is a simple P-Tap power cable (as shown in my video).

It is important to note that this autofocus feature only works with the EF mount. You can use the Canon factory mount or use AbelCine’s E-UMS mount. In this blog, I will show you the physical lens set up and then take the camera into several shooting situations to see how the autofocus performs.

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