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Expanding on the 17-120mm Cine-Servo lens introduced at NAB, Canon has just announced the new CN20x50 IAS, which features a whopping focal length range of 50mm-1000mm at T5.0 to T8.9. A 4K-ready S35 lens with an image circle of 31.4mm, the lens is available in either a PL or EF mount, and features a 1.5x multiplier for additional reach of 75mm-1500mm. As a member of the Cine-Servo family, the 50-1000mm also supports the same communication protocols – Cooke /i Technology is included with the PL model, and Canon EOS with the EF model.

The focal length and zoom ratio of this lens makes it especially valuable for sports and nature documentary applications, as it offers the performance of a cinema lens in a relatively compact package. Weighing in at 14.5 pounds and just shy of 16 inches long, Canon is answering the call of those who have transitioned to large format cameras but require the reach of a 2/3″ lens. Since the lens is designed to compliment the rest of the Canon Cinema Lens range, multi-camera projects benefit from a consistent look and easier camera matches.

Both versions include a traditional flange back adjustment for quick field calibration, similar to ENG lenses. The removable motor drive unit can be attached quickly and does not require the gears on the lens to be physically realigned with the gears on the servo when reattached, a feature that’s unique to the Canon Cine-Servo lenses. With the servo unit attached, you can use Canon zoom and focus demands for full lens control, but if you wish to use traditional cinema lens controllers, the lens also has 0.8 pitch gears for focus and 0.5 pitch gears for iris and zoom.

Like the 17-120mm, the integrated 12-pin Hirose connector allows you to plug the lens directly into a compatible camera body like the Arri AMIRA, ALEXA Fiber Remote Option (FRO), or the Sony F5/F55 with the Sony FZ to PL adapter with 12-pin connector. By utilizing the 12-pin connector on the Sony setup, all lens information (focus, iris, zoom position) is passed to the camera – plus you gain auto iris. If you have no need for auto iris, you can simply connect the 12-pin cable to the included port on the lens, and use the Cooke /i Technology contacts integrated in the PL mount. With the Cooke connection, you’re able to transmit power, start / stop, focus, iris, and zoom information to any compatible camera or CCU. If your camera does not have a 12-pin connector or Cooke contacts, you can use a simple P-Tap to 12-pin cable to enable the zoom servo. On a compatible Canon EF body, like the C100, C300, C500, or EOS-1D C, you’ll have full support for lens information as well as Peripheral Illumination Correction.  

While this lens has very specific applications, it really highlights Canon’s commitment to high-end optics and pushing the boundaries of their engineering prowess. The 50-1000mm is expected to ship in February 2015 with a list price of $78,000. We’re excited to see and learn more; stay tuned for more details!

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