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posted by - Friday, 12 September 2014

There’s definitely been a lot of buzz around Panasonic’s new VariCams (the 4K VariCam 35 and the high-speed VariCam HS) since last year’s NAB show, so I made sure to stop by Panasonic’s IBC booth this year. If you recall, Panasonic previously introduced two models: the VariCam 35 (Super-35mm 4K MOS sensor) and the VariCam HS (high speed 2/3″ camera head featuring three 1920×1080 MOS sensors).

One of the VariCam 35’s new features I got to see up close was the ability to live grade the camera over ethernet or WiFi using Pomfort’s Livegrade software. Users will also have the option to save their data as a CDL file that is attached to the clip – especially handy for those who prefer to shoot in Log.

Another addition is the VariCam’s new focus feature. With the push of a button, you can easily bring up an image overlay that helps indicate which parts of the image are in focus and which aren’t. In my video above, you can get a better idea of what this looks like in action.

We’re excited to see the VariCam develop even more, so keep your eye out for more coverage, and check out the great first look video from Panasonic below:

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